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How to Build Equal Relationship?

by Charry A.

Healthy and Equal Relationship, How to Build Healthy Relationship

Tips for Building a Healthy and Equal Relationship?

What is equality in a relationship for you? Your understanding of an equal relationship with your partner may vary from the definition of an equal relationship for your partner. In relationship, equality does not only mean 50-50 of everything, but the answer also gets a little more complicated here.

Establish the Ground Rules

From the start of the relationship, you need to build healthy patterns to ensure a strong and equal partnership. The early months in a new relationship are always filled with love and understanding, this is the honeymoon phase, and couples often base unrealistic standards in relationships from this stage. To build a strong and lasting relationship from the beginning there should be appreciation, trust, and respect between the partners. In a happy relationship, couples are always grateful to each other.

Saying you made a mistake and you are sorry will only make you the bigger person. From the early days into the relationship set a pattern of discussing the issues and apologizing when necessary. Take responsibility for your actions this will only make your partner love you and trust you more.

Explore the likes and dislikes of one other. This will keep the relationship interesting and ever exploring. You will always have a new thing to do and try. This keeps the relationship fresh and makes your bond stronger.

Healthy and Equal Relationship

Points to have an equal lasting relationship:

Agree to Disagree

Being a happy couple does not mean that you will agree on everything under the Sun. Accept that you are two rational and passionate individuals with separate upbringing and opinion on things. Arguments that help you resolve relationship issues are good for your relationship. Also, remember to accept that certain things about your partner will never change. It is not your responsibility to make your partner be perfect according to your definition of perfection. Unrealistic expectations from your relationship will only add negativity in your relationship.

Express your Desire

Clearly, state what you want or need in a relationship. Do not shy away from stating your needs and want to your partner. They cannot be expected to magically understand what you want, you have to be clear and decisive with the things you need. Instead of waiting for your partner to realize what you need, you should directly state your material or emotional needs with your partner, and then have a clear discussion about it.

How to Build Healthy Relationship

Timing Matters

You will find people often suggest to never go to bed without solving some problem. That is not always the best thing to do. Sometimes when people are upset about something their emotions are heightened and they might say something that they do not mean at all. You do not always have to resolve the conflicts immediately.

Sometimes it is a better idea, to take some time off from the fight, calm your nerves, and make the decision with a cool head. When you are upset r angry with your partner and don’t know what you exactly want it will be very difficult for your partner to guess that later on. The time out can help you understand the situation and your feelings about it. This also prevents you from doing or saying things that you might regret later.

Understand the Love Language

Each individual in a relationship has a different way of expressing or showing their love. You have to understand how your partner shows love. Some people are extra caring in the relationship, some like to shower their partners with gifts, some cook their partner’s favorite food, these are all different ways of expressing their love and appreciation for their partner. You cannot set your own criteria for testing your partner’s love for you.


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