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How to Buy a Domain with Godaddy: Short Guide to Domain Purchase with Godaddy!

by Kyle B.

How to Buy a Domain with Godaddy, Godaddy Domain Buy

How to Buy a Domain with Godaddy: Domain Buying Guide

It is great that you have eventually decided to start a blog or website after much thought! Now, the first step of starting a blog or a website is to buy a Domain Name, which is the unique name of your blog/site.

For example, when you type the domain name Google.Com on your browser, you will enter Google site.

Godaddy began their business by registering or selling domain names (domain registrar). They have now included services like VPS(Virtual Private Servers), Web hosting, Email hosting, and Dedicated Servers among others. Godaddy is indeed the best company to approach if you plan to buy a domain name since it is the biggest domain name registrar in the world offering high-level Domain.

Before we list for you a step by step process showing you how you can buy a Domain From Godaddy, let us understand what exactly is a domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is important as it reveals the identity of your blog or website. It is a readable address without which your website would be only a string of numbers depending on the computer it is on.

The domain name consists of 3 part that is

‘Www’ (World Wide Web) indicates that it is a web address. ‘Test’ in the above URL is the main part which reveals your company or site name.

‘.com' Indicates the termination of the domain. This is also referred to as the Domain suffix which reveals the kind of domain.

how to buy a domain with godaddy


    .Org - organization (Non-Profit)

    .Com - Company

    .net  - network provider

    .Edu  Education school & colleges

    .in  - India

    .uk  - United Kingdom

    .au - Australia 

How To Buy Domain From Godaddy

Now, we come to the actual process of buying a Domain with GoDaddy. Simply follow the below procedure.

  • Go to and type in the domain name you want to buy in the search box on the screen.
  • Godaddy will now search across the internet to find out if the domain name you intend to purchase is available or not.
  • If it is available, you will see the ‘ADD TO CART ‘ Button. Click on it.
  • Next, you need to click on the Green button which says ‘Continue with cart.'
  • Do not bother about all other things being showed, and click on the ‘Continue with this option.'
  • The next step is to create an account with Godaddy. Click on the white button that says ‘Create New account.’ If you have an existing account, use that although it is recommended to use a new one.
  • Type your username, email, and password in the form that opens up on your browser.
  • Provide all the required information.
  • You will next have to make payment. Click on ‘Have a Coupon Code?’ if you have any discount coupon.
  • Check once again to ensure you have the correct domain. Though the default to register is two years, you can change it to 1,3,5 or even ten as per your requirement.
  • Godaddy will next offer you a lot many options like domain clarification and search engine visibility among others. You can choose to ignore them.
  • Once you are done, click on ‘checkout.'

Well, that’s it! You will soon receive a confirmation email from Godaddy informing you that you can now go ahead and buy a domain from GoDaddy. You will also receive a customer number in that email, which you must keep safe.

Tips to help choose the right domain name for your website:

  • Use’.com’ as far as possible.
  • Your domain name must be easy to memorize and spell.
  • Be careful and avoid copyright violation. Make sure you don’t use a brand name on your domain.
  • Do not use numbers, obscure terms and hyphens in your domain name.
  • You are free to use your name as a domain name if you want to.


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