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How To Call Back a Private Number?

by Toni S.

Got a call from a private number? Here is what you should do

It happens to all of us from time to time; we are at home, at work, or not doing anything special, and our phone starts beeping. On the screen appear the title "unknown" and we are not sure if we should take the call or not. Many private number calls are made by scammers, so answering such calls can be risky. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, so even private numbers can be discovered. Here is exactly how to call back a private phone number:

Call a private number with *69

The FCC has mandated that private calls be legal. So, people and companies can call you from private numbers without any problems. To make things easier for the people on the other end of the call, phone companies created a service called "Last Call Return". Also known as *69, you can call back private numbers from cellphones and landlines. The service is free with some phone companies, while others charge a fee. To discover who called you from a private number, dial *69 after the ringing ends. If someone answers – ask who it is.

While the service is effective, it is not available to everyone. Last call return depends on your phone's operator, so it might not work for private numbers.

How To Call Back a Private Number

Check your call logs

Every legitimate phone provider logs the incoming and outgoing calls of its clients. You can use the service to find out who called you from a private number. To access the list, you need to go into your online account on your phone's service provider. In many cases, phone service providers reveal private numbers. You can find the phone number in the phone log by checking the time the phone came in.

Call Log

Use a third-party-app to uncover private numbers

Calls from private phone numbers have become a nuisance in the past few years. To help people discover who called them from private numbers, several apps have been developed; these apps reveal unknown numbers as soon as the calls come in. Some third-party apps are free of charge, and some require a fee to reveal the numbers who call you. TrapCall is one of the best-known apps in this category, and it quickly reveals private phone numbers.

Use a reverse phone number search service

One of the best ways to discover who called you from a private number is to use a reverse phone number search service. GoLookUp is one of the biggest public records databases today, so you can use it to find data about people or companies who called you from unregistered numbers. How to call back a private number with GoLookUp?

First, you need to know what number called you. You can use one of the methods mentioned above to discover the phone number. Then, you need to enter the digits into the phone number search bar on GoLookUp. You will get information about the caller within minutes, so you can decide whether to call them back or not.

reverse phone number search

Why Use the GoLookUp Reverse Phone Number Search?

Before you call back a private phone number, you should find out who is calling you. Scam phone calls have become a daily occurrence, and they cost Americans billions of dollars each year.

To prevent yourself from getting scammed, you need to perform a phone number search. GoLookUp is a fast, safe, and accurate public records directory that can save you time and money. Once you enter a phone number of interest to the directory, you will receive a report that includes valuable information about the caller, including:

  • Full name
  • Phone carrier
  • Additional phone number
  • Contact information
  • Arrest records
  • Criminal records

The all-in-one service allows you to discover who called you and if you should call back certain numbers. The service is not free, but you get unlimited searches of all the site's services. From a reverse phone number search to a criminal records query, you can perform numerous searches for no extra charge.

To sum up

Nowadays, you can find out who is calling you – even from private phone numbers. You can use several services to discover what phone numbers call you, and a reverse phone number search to discover who called you.


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