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How to Cancel Check People: This is How You Cancel Your Check People Account

by Maria S.

How to Cancel Check People, Cancel Check People

How to Cancel Check and Stop Paying for the Service

Check People is one of the most popular people search and background check search engines these days, and the website provides millions of people public records information every month. The website provides members reports on demand, and there are several memberships plans that users can sign up for.

However, there are users who wish to cancel their membership or those who are charged even when they do not sign up for a Check People plan. If you are one of those users, read the guide on how to cancel Check People to stop being charged for the website's services.

What is Check People?

CheckPeople is a public records search directory that provides its users with information about people from all over the country. The website operates several main services, including a name-based search, a phone number search, a background check, and arrest records search.

Check People
Once users enter an identifying piece of information about a person of interest into the Check People directory, the search engine on the site begins to search public records data and it sums it up in a report. The reports provided by CheckPeople include the following information, based on the search method chosen by the user:

  • Real name
  • Aliases
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Criminal records
  • Arrest records
  • Names of relatives
  • Traffic records
  • Social media account
  • Online dating profiles

How Does Check People Work?

Public records are records that are made available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act in each state. There are government records that are public and also personal records that are available to people, which is why they are called "public records".

There are several authorities, like court clerks and health care facilities, that maintain and provide access to such records. To get information from these facilities, one must provide a written request, pay for each query, and wait the appropriate amount of time for each search.

To make things easier, websites like Check People provide online access to public records. The access is provided through membership plans that users can purchase when signing up for the website. Once you purchase a membership, you can search for information about people and get the results immediately.

This is the biggest advantage of Check People and similar websites; the quick service allows users to find data without having to wait, and the membership plans allow them to get unlimited information without having to pay for each search separately.

Check People Price

If you are considering using CheckPeople, you can try out the website with a 5-day-trial plan; the trial costs $1, and it allows you to perform as many searches as you want, which allows you to decide whether you want to purchase a full membership.

Monthly membership – ChecK People also offers a monthly membership plan that members can use whenever they want to find data about people. The monthly Check People membership plan costs $44.85/month, and you can cancel the plan whenever you want.

Check People Price

How to Contact Check People?

If you need to contact Check People, for whatever reason it may be, you can do so by contacting the CheckPeople customer support service. You can contact the support service in one of the following ways:

Check People Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-800-267-2122, open 24/7

Check People Mailing Address: 111 N Orange Ave - Suite 800, Orlando, FL 32801

Check People email address:

How to Cancel Check People?

You can cancel your Check People membership in several ways; call the customer support service and request to cancel your plan and the payment. After you do so, make sure your membership is indeed canceled and that you are no longer paying for the plan you purchased.

How to Cancel Check People

You can also send an online request to Check People via this online form. Type in that you want to cancel your membership, and make sure your plan is indeed canceled.

There are also websites that cancel memberships for people who no longer want to use certain services. Websites like Truebill, accountkiller, cancelmymembership, and others cancel memberships for people, so you can use them to do the work for you instead of trying to contact CheckPeople's representatives.

Check People is a quick and affordable people search engine that you can use whenever you want. If you purchase a membership and decide later on that you no longer want to use the services offered by the site, use the tips listed above on how to cancel Check People, and you will no longer be billed for the membership.


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