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How to Cancel and Get a Refund!

by Rhon A., How to Cancel

Find Out How to Cancel and Get a Refund Customer Service Information

Infotracer can be best described as a one-stop-shop for all kinds of public records. This includes background checks, arrest records, criminal records, and reverse phone lookups among others. You can obtain a comprehensive background check report that includes all the required information about a person, such as:

  • Their contact details: This includes their past and present phone numbers, email address, date of birth and previous and current physical addresses.
  • Personal information: Their assets, social media profiles and names of their associates and relatives.
  • Judicial information: Their court records, criminal history, arrest records, inmate records, and past and outstanding warrants against them.


How does it work?

InfoTracer is a data compilation service that is mainly used for non-commercial reasons. It includes all the background data of a person. Though the information found on the site is not enough to satisfy the purposes of employment, you can easily uncover all the background data of a person. The sole purpose of the site is too debunk frauds, verify someone's identity, and keep yourself updated on the activities of a suspicious person in your area, such as a sex offender or an ex-convict.

You have two subscription options for the website. A five-day trial subscription will cost you $2.95. If you want to subscribe monthly, you will have to pay an amount of $19.95 every month. You can also pay a one-time fee of $19.95 to access a particular document.

The site also has the option of premium data reports. However, these reports require the payment of additional fees, as these reports could contain potentially incriminating evidence such as bankruptcy filings, legal judgments, weapon and hunting permits, eviction records, lawsuits, small claims cases, and tax and property liens, among others.

How to Cancel
Cancellation and refund policy

You can cancel your subscription at any time, as InfoTracer has a very honest and transparent refund policy. Registering as a subscriber to InfoTracer entitles you to their customer service at no additional cost.

You can cancel your subscription in two ways:

  • Filling out and submitting the online forms
  • Contacting the customer service representative directly at the number listed below

All monthly subscriptions are billed in advance. You cannot cancel your subscription for the month if your subscription amount has been deducted- you can cancel your subscription from the next month.

If the site cannot provide you with the documents you require, you can receive a full refund if you request it. If you do not require the services of InfoTracer anymore, but forgot to cancel your subscription, you can contact customer support and explain your situation to them. In this, you can qualify for a full refund of the months you did not use the site.

If you have been a victim of unauthorized purchases on the site, you can contact customer support and ask for their assistance in closing down your account. You can request a refund for all unauthorized purchases. If your account is being billed even after canceling your subscription, you have to submit evidence for this alongside your request. The monthly charge will show up in your statement as INFOTRACER or SAFECART.COM INFOTRACER, depending on the kind of payment method you use.

Cancel InfoTracer
Customer service

You can contact customer service for InfoTracer is in three ways:

  • By filling out the contact form online
  • Contacting the customer support representative directly at (800) 791- 1427
  • Emailing InfoTracer's customer support representative at

If you need help regarding documents that were presented to you, be sure to include the order number in your request. The order number is also necessary if you see unauthorized purchases in your account.


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