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How to Cancel Netflix: A Quick Guide

by Keren P.

How to Cancel Netflix, Cancel Netflix

The Step by Step Guide for Cancelling Netflix

Netflix is one of the leading streaming video broadcasters with millions of subscribers worldwide. If you are a subscriber to Netflix and for some reason want to cancel your subscription, how do you go about doing it quickly and seamlessly? Here’s a guide on how to cancel your Netflix subscription.

Canceling Netflix online

You can cancel your Netflix account online by visiting the Netflix website and logging in. Log in with your user ID and password. Select the My Account option once you log in. You will see this option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select the Membership and Billing option.

On selecting the Membership and Billing option, you will see some other options. Select Cancel Membership. Once you click on this, you will get a popup message asking you to confirm if you are sure you want to cancel the membership. Accept this message. Then, an e-mail is sent to your registered mail ID. This is done to ensure that no one tries to deactivate your account without your permission. Open your e-mail; you will see a mail from Netflix asking for your confirmation on whether you want to close the account. Click on the confirmation link; it redirects you to the Netflix account. You will be asked for one last time to confirm if you want to close your membership. Click on complete cancellation and its all over. Your Netflix account is now canceled, and you have successfully unsubscribed from Netflix services.

How to Cancel Netflix

However, you should note that if the billing period is not over yet, you have to wait until the billing period is finished for the cancellation is effective. Till then, you can keep using the services. It might be good to wait till the billing period is over and then cancel the membership on the last day.

Cancel Netflix Account on Android

You can cancel your Netflix subscription using your Android mobile device. To do this, of course, you need to have a Google account and have Google Play installed. Open Google Play and make sure you are logged in. Look for the subscription option and select it. It shows you all the services you are subscribed to. Look for the Netflix icon. Select Cancel. Confirm it and you are done.

You have successfully unsubscribed and canceled your Netflix account using your Android device.

Cancel Netflix Subscription on iOS

To unsubscribe from Netflix using an iOS device, you must ensure that you have signed in to the Netflix app. Go the App store and select My Account. From there select Netflix account. Go to Billing and Membership option. Scroll down till you find the Cancel Membership option. Select this option; it would redirect you to Netflix, confirm the cancellation. You would then get an e-mail. Open the e-mail from Netflix and select the confirmation link. Select confirm cancellation and you are done. You have successfully canceled your Netflix subscription using your iOS device.

Cancel Netflix

Some issues to keep in mind

  • Even if your subscription period is not over, you can cancel your account. Only when the current billing period is over, will you be able to effectively close the account. Till then you can continue watching shows and movies.
  • After canceling your account, in case you decide to re-subscribe, you can note that you can resume watching shows and movies, ten months after your account expires. So if you rejoin within ten months, you do not need to start all over again, all your viewing activity will still be saved.
  • There are no charges for cancellation of a Netflix account. If you have subscribed to any discs by mail, you need to return them though to avoid charges.



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