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How to Cancel People Finders: This is How you Cancel your People FindersAccount and get a Refund

by Roger W.

How to Cancel People Finders, How to Cancel

How to Cancel People Finders?

Founded in 1999 by Robert Miller, PeopleFinders is a public records company located in Sacramento, California that was created in order to give people convenient online access to public records data. Robert Miller worked as a private investigator for Intel, the multinational corporation that mainly produces computer chips before opening his own company called Confi-Check in 1986 which supplied public records to other businesses. In 2003 Miller expanded PeopleFinders to provide services to private individuals as well. 

PeopleFinders is a background search company that supplies its users with public records of other citizens in the US. This data is aggregated from various sources, including government offices, property records, and other public records sources. PeopleFinders also has a blog that was launched in 2009 which covers topics related to background checks. 

How to Cancel People Finders
PeopleFinders is a very reputable company and was noted as being one of the fastest-growing internet-based companies in 2008. PeopleFinders was listed as number 24 in the Technology Fast 50 for Silicon Valley by Deloitte based on the amount of growth the company had between 2003 and 2007.

While PeopleFinders is a useful tool for many, you may wish to cancel your PeopleFinders account for any number of reasons. Whether you are canceling because you have transferred to a new service, or do not require the service all-together, this article will guide you and show you how to cancel a PeopleFinders account. 

What Are PeopleFinders Services?

PeopleFinders uses its proprietary database that contains billions of public records to provide its users with information on more than 250 million adults in the United States. These records can be accessed through the six different services that PeopleFinders has to offer. 

People Search- A people search can be used to reconnect with a distant relative, look up an old classmate or check the background of a potential date. The reasons for running a people search are numerous, and PeopleFinders provides a hassle-free accurate and up to date results. With a PeopleFinders people search you can receive contact information, including current and past addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as a list of known relatives and other associates. You can also go further and attain someone’s criminal records, bankruptcy filings, property ownership status, and any other available public records.

Address Search- Whether you are looking to move, are looking for an old neighbor, or are interested in investing in real estate an address lookup will provide you with necessary background information. An address search with PeopleFinders can provide you with property records information including sales history, current, and past owners, any construction permits filed, and even if any crimes occurred on the property.

Background Check- A PeopleFinders background check can help you find someone's contact information, criminal records, & more. The service pulls data from billions of public records and organizes it all into one report that is easy to read and comprehensive.  The report can contain information about arrest and courthouse records, bankruptcy filings and liens, and history of property ownership depending on what records exist in the local and state records office.

How to Cancel People Finders

Criminal Records- A criminal record search for someone on PeopleFinders will let you learn about their criminal history instantly. If the person you have run a search on has been arrested, tried and/or convicted of a crime, a criminal records search will likely provide you with details. PeopleFinders has criminal and courthouse records for many adults in the U.S., including arrests, misdemeanors, felonies, traffic violations, civil court filings, sex offender status, and more.

Public Records- PeopleFinders contains billions of public records of millions of different people, they have one of the largest databases that are publicly available which includes address history, phone numbers, bankruptcies, liens/foreclosures, traffic citations, census records, birth data, property ownership history, professional and business licenses, marriage and divorce data, and more. With a PeopleFinders public records search, you can very likely find the records you are looking for. 

Reverse Phone Search- PeopleFinders offer a reverse phone lookup which is both fast and accurate. If someone is calling you from an unknown number, PeopleFinders can reveal the identity of the owner of the number in question. PeopleFinders can also provide you with other relevant details about the phone number, such as if the number is a cell phone or landline, its location, and the phone carrier.

How to Cancel People Finders?

PeopleFinders utilize an auto-renew system, meaning if you do not actively cancel your membership, it will be renewed automatically and you will continue to be billed. There are a few ways to cancel your PeopleFinders account. 

How to Cancel

Online- There are two ways to cancel your PeopleFinders account online. The first is the suggested website method of logging into your account, entering the dashboard section and selecting the “Your Account” tab. You can then cancel your membership. The second way is to access the PeopleFinders help page and fill out the online form. It is vital to ask for a confirmation of your cancellation to keep for your records. If you are requesting a refund, the best way would be to use the online form or to call the customer care phone line. 

cancel PeopleFinders

Telephone- You can call PeopleFinders customer care toll free at 1(800) 718-8997. The offices are open Monday – Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm PST and Saturday – Sunday, 7:00 am - 3:30 pm PST. It is important to tell the customer support representative that you want to cancel your membership and to ask for confirmation of the cancellation in an email or receipt. 

Mail- You can also request to have your account canceled by mailing the request to the following address:

1821 Q Street

Sacramento, CA 95811

When canceling a membership, it is important to check the billing date and set a reminder to check your next credit card bill to ensure that you are not being charged once you have canceled your account with PeopleFinders. 


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