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How to Cancel SpyFly and Get a Refund

by Kelly G.

How to Cancel SpyFly, How to Cancel My SpyFly Account

How to Cancel My SpyFly Account? Customer Service Information

Customer Care Information and Refund Details

Spyfly, a public record database as well as a technology with people search service, is a site that provides access for an individual's complete background check. Though the website aims at quality background checks, Spyfly does mention protecting the personal data, monitoring one's own personal data, and preferring email alerts to stay up-to-date on the safety aspects of the data present in the records. Nevertheless, the site provides options for choosing a refund and cancellation of membership benefits, if need be.

Membership Details:

Before considering membership, the website offers a week-long trial for unlimited background checks, with complete access, similar to that of a paid membership. During this free trial period, the individual has the option to explore the advantages and make an informed decision of continuing the monthly membership. If the individual chooses to opt-out, he must do so during the free trial week. This will not only disable the monthly membership, which would be availed with a fee of less than $30 but end the free trial period as well.

In case an individual prefers to cancel the monthly membership and opt a refund, the following process must be followed:

To continue availing membership services without e-mail alerts:

An individual could either click on the "Unsubscribe" option at the end of the e-mails received or "Unsubscribe your e-mail address" option at the bottom of the website's page to opt-out of e-mail alerts. The alerts may take about two weeks to get in effect, though the action will be taken immediately. However, as an active member, SpyFly will continue to send billing notices or other important account-related information such as membership status changes or alterations to the "Terms of Use."

To cancel membership altogether:

To cancel the monthly membership services, one could log in to the online account to do the needful. By calling customer support, one could opt out of the membership as well. Upon expressing the need or reason to cancel, the account will immediately be canceled. Reception of a confirmatory e-mail would mean that the necessary action has been taken. Failure to receive a confirmatory e-mail states that the account is still active.

How to Cancel SpyFly

Having information removed from the database:

Due to the fact that SpyFly takes one's privacy seriously, an individual could remove his/her information from being displayed on the search results. An e-mail needs to be sent to the customer support along with the first name, last name, age, current address as well as the previous addresses (that is, the cities, states, and zip codes). Upon receiving the request, a review would be done and the action would be confirmed over e-mail. The important thing to note is that each individual must request their personal removal of data, as requested on one's behalf would not be considered.

How to Cancel My SpyFly Account's Refund Policy:

An individual may choose to ask for a refund of the payment in case he/she feels unsatisfied with the services obtained. In such cases, a customer service representative would work on the cause of dissatisfaction. Refunds, however, are subjective, on a case-to-case basis. Thus, SpyFly is the sole deciding authority to declare if the customer should receive a refund. If one requests the removal of personal information that has been collected over the last year, it may affect the refund request to be awarded.

Spyfly mentions taking every concern of the public quite seriously. Therefore, if there is any further assistance that may be required, one could contact the customer support directly.

For support over call, contact (1800)-831-9235 anytime between 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM PT.

For support via e-mail, leave a message at


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