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How to Cancel White Pages Without the Hassle. Guide to Canceling

by Roger W.

How to Cancel White Pages, How to Cancel

Learn How to Cancel WhitePages Quickly and Easily!

Founded in 1997 by Alex Algard, WhitePages is one of the oldest online people search directories that provide public records information to its members. It is also one of the largest public records access providers that offer several membership plans to people who want to find information about individuals in the United States.

While the website is helpful to those who need public records access, there are times when members of White Pages need to cancel their membership for one reason or another. If you also want to cancel your membership, or if you have been put on an automatic plan and you are charged monthly for the site's services, here is how to cancel WhitePages.

What Are the White Pages Services?

WhitePages provides access to public records through several online directories, and the website's main features are:

People search – a service that helps users find public records information based on people's names. To use the service, users must enter the first and last name of the person they are looking for, as well as their city/state/zip of residence. Then, the search for the said person's information begins, and the person searching for the information will receive a public records report.

The report includes phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, criminal records, names of relatives, traffic records, and additional public records data.

People search

Reverse phone number search – a helpful tool for people who want to discover who is calling them from anonymous phone numbers. Also, the reverse phone number search is handy for those who want to find reliable information about people who are calling them, like potential love interests, neighbors, etc. After entering a phone number into the reverse phone number search, the system on WhitePages scans public records and gathers data from these records. When the search is complete, White Pages provides complete information about the person in question including the name of the phone number's owner, scam/fraud ratings, carrier information, business details, landline numbers, and more. The information helps the website's users discover if someone is trying to scam them, if people who are calling them provided true information about themselves, track down people based on the contact information, and more.

Reverse phone number search

Reverse address search – similar to the reverse phone number search, the reverse address search on WhitePages provides information based on people's addresses. When a user enters an address into the directory, the site provides the names of the property's current residents, the contact information registered to the address, background check information (arrest records, criminal records, sex offenses, etc), landline numbers, and additional information that is registered to the address in question.

Reverse address search

Business search – in the past, those who wanted to find information about businesses would have to go to the bulky Yellow Pages phone book. However, thanks to the digital age, it is possible to find business information online thanks to White Pages. The site provides business data, such as phone numbers, operation hours, nearby attractions, and more.

Business search

How to Cancel WhitePages?

If for some reason, you decide to cancel WhitePages, you can do so in one of the following ways:

How to Cancel WhitePages with a Web Form:

  • Log in to your White Pages account by entering your username and password
  • Then, go to
  • Enter your information wherever it is required
  • Wait for a confirmation email that will confirm the cancelation
  • Keep the cancelation info and keep track of your billing to make sure you no longer pay for WhitePages

How to Cancel WhitePages online:

  • Go to WhitePages and login with your username and password
  • Click on “My Account” in the upper right corner
  • Click on the “Purchases and Billing” tab
  • Scroll down and go to “Subscription Status”
  • Click on the “Cancel Auto-renewal” option that will cancel your membership
  • Keep the cancelation info and keep track of your billing to make sure you no longer pay for WhitePages
How to Cancel WhitePages

How to Cancel WhitePages by Phone with a Live Agent:

  • Call 1-800-952-9005 (White Pages) customer service
  • Tell the customer support representative that want to cancel your membership
  • Ask the customer support representative to send you a receipt, email, or confirmation number for the cancelation
  • Keep the cancelation info and keep track of your billing to make sure you no longer pay for WhitePages

Finding public records information can help you discover the truth about people you want to know more about. In the past, you would have had to contact official authorities that maintain public records to get access to accurate data. However, White Pages provides online access to public records, making it easier for individuals to get information about others. For those who want to cancel their WhitePages membership, there are several ways to do so. Just make sure that your membership is indeed canceled and that you are no longer billed on the credit card you paid with.


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