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How to Choose a Car Cover to Protect Your Vehicle

by Garry S.

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Tips to Pick Which Car Cover to Buy 

If you own a car, is it not your duty to protect the vehicle from the vagaries of weather, dust, and damage? Remember that if you do not take the right steps for protecting your vehicle from all these, you cannot use it in the right manner. The car is likely to develop issues and fail you when you need it the most. Simply put, the steps you take should keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

One of the steps you should take for keeping your car in such good condition is to place an appropriate cover over it. Especially, if there is no garage in your house and if you have to keep the car in the open, you need to place a suitable car cover over it and make sure that the vagaries of the weather, dust, and other types of damages do not negatively impact its condition. The question now is how to pick a suitable car cover.

The car cover you buy should satisfy three main areas. Let us find out what they are.

1. Is the cover you buy water-resistant?
When you are parking your car in the open, chances of the vehicle getting wet are high. This means that you have to make sure that the cover you buy is water resistant. 

2. Will the material with which the cover you buy is made of allow moisture to evaporate?
If the car cover does not allow the moisture on the car to evaporate, it may cause issues, and the vehicle cannot be used when you want. You may have to spend money and time on rectifying the issues before using it.

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3. The ultra-violet rays of the sun are not good for your car 
Therefore, you should check if the car cover you buy can protect your vehicle from these rays.

4. Very importantly, you must ensure that your car is protected from dust and dirt
This means you should be certain that the car cover you buy is good enough to offer protection from these harmful things. Otherwise, there may be scratches on the vehicle. The paintwork on the car may lose its sheen as well. On the other hand, if you use an appropriate car cover on a regular basis, you need not clean or wax your car quite often. This means you will be saving your time and money by taking this most important step of placing a good cover over your car. Remember that a good car cover will protect the interiors of your vehicle such as its upholstery, seats, etc. and keep them in good condition as well. 

But how to buy the right car cover? The following points may help.

1. Be clear about the protection needs you want to have.

The foremost point you should bear in mind is that you should be clear about your needs. If you have to keep the vehicle outside, there may be various problems. Firstly, weather conditions like the hot sun, rain, strong winds, and snow may affect your car. Secondly, the dust and dirt can cause issues. So, your car cover should be able to offer protection from all these damage-causing things.

2. Do you maintain a garden around your house?

If you maintain a garden around your house and if you park your car outside, there are chances of twigs of trees, leaves, etc. falling on the car and damaging its surface. A car cover may offer protection from these.  

Sometimes, strong winds can uproot trees themselves. Though car covers cannot fully protect from such big issues, it can reduce the impact of such damages so the scratches and dents that may be caused will be minimal. 

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3. A car cover can protect your vehicle from the issues that can be caused by birds or animals.

When you are parking your car outside, birds and animals can also cause damage to your vehicle. A suitably chosen car cover can be of great use in this context as well.

4. The car cover you choose for indoor use will be different from the one you buy for outdoor use.

Remember that the cover you use for indoor use will not be the same as that you buy for outdoor use. You should keep this point in mind while buying your car cover.

5. Have the right measurements.

Most importantly, the measurements of the car cover you buy should be perfect. This means it should neither be over-sized or under-sized. If you are not confident of taking the measurements for placing your order, you can seek the help of experts for getting this job done.




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