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Learn how to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer with Our Tips!

by Garry S.

Divorce Lawyer, How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorney: How to Pick the Best Divorce Attorney!

According to various statistics, monogamy seems to be on the decline. Marriage though well lauded seems to be on a spiral where until death does us part hardly matters anymore. Divorce becomes apparent when reasons like irreconcilable differences, fraud, violence, extramarital affairs, sodomy, and rape in a marriage are cited. Perhaps this is why it is essential for couples to sign a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot. Let us look at the role of a divorce attorney along with how to pick the best one.

  • Do some research about the attorney along with her/his success rate. Naturally what you are looking for is a firm that specializes in family law and not criminal conduct. Of course, if there has been a crime committed like an embezzlement by a spouse in the marriage, you may need both lawyers present. A lawyer who gets the problem at the beginning is the right fit.
Divorce Lawyer
  • Lawyers charge either by the hour or at the end of the divorce. Most likely, if you are satisfied with her/his suggestions, the lawyer will ask for an advance payment. Understanding the financials about the payment process should be determined at the beginning so that there are no unfair surprises at the end.
  • Most judges on hearing cases suggest mediation so that both parties air their grievances in with an unbiased observer. Many cases are settled this way without dragging it out. When mediation does not work, and both partners want out of the marriage, get going instead of being stuck in a rut.
  • Before finalizing on the first lawyer that you meet, check around and make an educated decision. A website may not be the real deal that lawyers offer. The initial sales pitch, may not be what you get down the line. Go with your gut instinct, and once you are satisfied with the methodology, you will be uncoupled before you know it. Meet with a series of attorneys before you sign up.
  • Opting for divorce may not be something that you want, but if the spouse does not feel that s/he is in the marriage, move along. Many lawyers have in private house investigators. It gives you a bargaining chip as you gauge the opposite party’s assets, liabilities, and if s/he has been unfaithful. If there is evidence to substantiate the claims, the lawyer can push for a good settlement. Alimony can also go up based on any information that has been uncovered.
How to Pick a Divorce Lawyer
  • A good divorce attorney will ensure that s/he has every angle covered and work out a foolproof method to get you out of the union without any hiccup. Naturally, if there is a way to have an amicable divorce, it is ideal. But when there is an end of a relationship, most likely one or both parties may be angry and want to wreak havoc in the life of the other. Belligerence never won anyone laurels or freedom from an unsavory relationship.
  • Many men and women tend to inflict pain, mental and physical, on their spouses, which causes great emotional and physical damage. Using this as a basis and evidence, the divorce attorney gets the victim out of the marriage. If a spouse commits fraud like impotence or is gay and has not disclosed the fact, is grounds for divorce, heck even annulment.

At the end of the day, when a marriage breaks down, with no let up in sight even after counseling, it is time to call it quits. A great divorce attorney will work around any loopholes in getting you divorced without making it messy.




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