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How to Choose a Dog Walker?

by Toni S.

Dog Walker, How to Choose a Dog Walker

How to Choose the Right Dog Walker for You and Your Doggy?

Dog, especially energetic breeds, need daily walks to exercise their bodies and allow them to socialize with other dogs. Many dog owners these days do not have the time to take their dogs out on regular walks, but luckily, there are people who would love to take out your pooch for walks. Like every dog walker, you want to make sure that your dog is in good hands, and with these tips, you will be able to choose the best dog walker for your beloves pet:

Ask for recommendations of dog walkers

If you have friends and neighbors who use a dog walker's services you can ask them to recommend you a good dog walker. Getting recommendations first-hand will help you make the right choice for you and your dog, so ask around to see if anyone can give you the name of a dog walker. If your friends and neighbors do not have a dog walker to recommend to you, go on social media, local chat groups, pet blogs, and other online resources where you can ask for recommendations about a good dog walker.

Dog Walker

Invite the dog walker to meet your dog

Sometimes you can meet a great dog walker, but he will not get along with your dog. So, to make sure that your dog likes the person who will be walking him, invite dog walkers to come to your home. See how they interact with your dog and whether or not they get along before you choose one particular dog walker.

Set your needs and budget

Before you decide on a dog walker, you should decide how often you will need the service, in what times your dog needs to be walked, and of course – how much you can afford to pay the dog walker. When speaking with dog walkers, they will have questions for you about your needs so you need to be prepared to answer them.

How to Choose a Dog Walker

Ask relevant questions

When choosing a dog walker, you should ask the people you are considering for the job several important questions:

How long have you been walking dogs?

  • Are you licensed? Are you insured?
  • Do you have practice in canine first aid?
  • Do you intend on walking several dogs together?
  • What routes will you be taking?
  • Which training methods do you intend on using on my dog?

These questions will help you discover how professional and experienced your dog walker is. Their response to you asking the questions will also help you assess how certain dog walkers treat their job and whether they will treat your dog as well as they should.

Run a background check on dog walkers

If you want to discover if the dog walkers that you are considering are honest about their experience, you can run a background check with GoLookUp. When you provide the name of the candidates, the site will immediately run a public record check on them that will provide you with the following details on potential dog walkers: full name, aliases, professional licenses, business data, arrest records, and more. The professional background check available to you on GoLookUp will also let you know which potential dog walkers have a violent criminal history, which is also an important criterion when choosing a dog walker.

Choosing a Dog Walker

Go on a test walk together

If you have several dog walkers that you are considering hiring, you should take them on a test walk along with your dog. They will obviously be on their best behavior, but you can still see how dog walkers interact with your dog, if they know how to handle your dog, and whether your pet is comfortable with them.

Putting your dog in the hands of another person is not easy, but it's doable. Before you choose a long-term dog walker you need to decide when you will be needing them and what is important to you in a dog walker. Then you can choose the best dog walker for your dog who will take good care of your pooch whenever they hang out.


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