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Troubled Times: How to Choose a Relationship Counselor?

by Kelly B.

Relationship Counselor, How to Choose a Relationship Counselor

How to Choose the Best Couple's Therapist

2020 has been a tough year the world over; COVID-19 has turned out lives' upside down and introduced us to new challenges that we have never faced in modern times. These unusual times take a toll on relationships that suffer from unemployment, having to stay at home for hours and hours, and having to social distance from others. Whether your relationship is suffering because of a global pandemic or you have been facing trouble for some time, you can only benefit from a relationship counselor, and here is how to choose the best one for you:

Choose a Relationship Counselor that Specializes in Couples' Therapy

Much like with a medical doctor, you will benefit from searching for a couple's therapist that specializes in treating couples. A couple's relationship counselor has a very specific set of skills that allow them to help couples and give them the best tools to deal with issues. When choosing a relationship counselor, ask therapists what is the percentage of couples they treat every week and choose a counselor that treats couples regularly and specialize in couples.

Relationship Counselor

Choose a Couple's Therapist Who Studied in a Reputable Institution

To treat your relationship issues, you must choose a therapist who has had proper training and has the diplomas to show for it. So, when searching for a relationship counselor do not be shy about asking about training. Ask about degrees and specialized training in couple's therapy to make sure that you are at the hands of a well-trained professional.

Search for a Neutral Relationship Counselor

A relationship counselor is not supposed to take sides and tell you or your partner who is right. A professional relationship therapist must be objective and provide couples with tools that will help them get through hardship. Many therapists allow people to check their services for one hour of therapy (sometimes free of charge), so check out several therapists and see which one maintains a neutral approach while proving advice to help you and your partner.

How to Choose a Relationship Counselor
Choose a Therapist with a Game Plan

Personal therapy can take years, but when talking about couple's therapy, you need to find and apply solutions now rather than several years down the road. During the first several meetings or even during the first meeting with a relationship counselor, make sure that he/she is goal-oriented; choose a therapist that is focused on future solutions and not past problems to be certain that you will get a clear game plan and not just ideas floating around in the air.

Search a Relationship Therapist Who Provides Extra Services

You need a therapist who will be there for you during times of crisis, which will likely happen outside their practice. Choose a therapist who will be available to you outside office hours or during the weeks that you do not have an appointment. If you are social distancing, make sure the relationship counselor of your choosing provides long-distance services so that you and your partner can have sessions at home during times you cannot go outside.

Relationship Therapist

Look for Recommendations

People like to voice their opinions loud and clear about everything, including therapists. To get opinions from people who have had therapy with a particular therapist, Google the name of the therapist in question along with the word "reviews". That way, you will get first-hand opinions about various therapists and you will able to choose a relationship counselor that is highly recommended.

Trust Your Instincts

You and your partner need to feel as comfortable as possible with a relationship therapist; during sessions, you will reveal intimate details from your relationship, and if you are uncomfortable with the person sitting in front of you, the therapy will not work. It is imperative that you choose a couple's counselor who makes you feel at ease and helps you speak about your relationship in a way that will lead to solutions.

Maintain a relationship, especially during these times, can be very difficult. A relationship therapist can guide you and your partner to a better place, but for that to happen, you need to choose the best counselor for you. Checking a few things before choosing a long-term relationship therapist will help you find the best counselor for you, and heal your relationship in a professional manner.


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