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Google History Deletion: How to Clear Your History

by Garry S.

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How to Clear Your Google History

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced by Google makes it much easier for the search engine company trawls to keep information concerning you. Google has upgraded its privacy controls so that you can manage your privacy much better.

It is a good decision to take control of the information you feed the Internet. Advertisers are only a small fragment of companies which track your data and store to monetize or exchange it. One excellent way to control how much you give away is to restrict the inward flow of data. This is also applicable to a person who uses the search engine's incognito web browser. Contrary to what people think, you are not anonymous when you log on to the computer.


Deleting your Google history does not mean you are burning all the information the search engine stores about you. You must separately delete a few data like maps activity. This is a must if you have taken the option of turning on "location history". Google continues to maintain records data concerning the manner you used the web browser linked to deleted data. To give an example, if you have searched for X, then there will be a record that you have searched at that particular date and time. It would not, however, specifically latch on to the specific search key itself.

Google permits near total erasure of data linked with your account when you delete it. Make sure you click the “Stop Saving Activity” option when you adjust Google settings. To do this, navigate to Activity Controls on the computer. Turn off activity you do not want to save. Select Pause to fully confirm. Keep in mind that doing this action deletes your saved passwords. You must again log-in to the websites where you have until now entered on a single click.

Deleting Google browser history

To do this, sign into your Google account. The steps may differ slightly from one device to another. For most, open Chrome first and click More on the screen's top right. Click History and then Clear Browsing Data on the left. You will see a box coming into existence. Select the length of history for deletion. If you want to clear every data in existence, select The beginning of time. Check boxes for the information you want to be cleared. Do check "browsing history". Click the "Clear browsing data". Clearing the browser history means you delete web addresses, the address bar predictions, and Shortcuts to the page. Cached files and images are also erased. Cookies are also destroyed. 

My Activity

Google search history

Navigate to "My Activity" and choose More at the page's top right. Select Delete activity by and then "Delete by date". Select the Down arrow and then the All-time option. Select Delete. Variations of this activity exist if you wish to delete a few particular activity or items. This can be done from "My Activity". If you want to delete what you have browsed by day, navigate to the top right of the page and choose More. Select Item view. Choose Search or use filters. When you find the item you want to erase, select More first and then Delete. 

Do read the fine print of any program you want to use. This can be a thankless task but worth it. In case you are on the fence regarding whether you should check "I agree" box, visit te The site rates different companies' terms and conditions based on how many consumers friendly and trans[parent these companies actually are. Reading this will help you make a better and well-informed decision. 

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