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How to Communicate Better With the People in Your Life

by Garry S.

Communication, How to Communicate Better

Tips for Better Communication

Great communication skills can help a person succeed immensely. It also helps a person to get his message clear to the audience. It not only brings much-needed clarity but also helps people stay sorted and have clearer expectations. There is nothing better than clear communication. It leaves no room for misunderstanding and hence keeps you away from unnecessary hassles.

Anybody can master communication skills. It takes learning and practice to be a great communicator. Here are eight tips to ease put tryst with communication.

1. The power of body language – We all know how important it is to be presentable and carry our self out in the open. Having the right body language eases the process up. Have a clear receptive mind which should reflect in your body language. Just the way you present yourself in front of others makes up for the non-verbal communication part. It means with right body language you will be able to come out as an approachable and helpful person rather than a rude and ill-mannered person.

2. The key is in your listening ability – You may hear every word that is being spoken to. You may even are decent enough not to interrupt when spoken to, but are you listening? When somebody finds you trustworthy or dependable enough to open up to you, do the right thing by giving them a patient hearing followed by that much needed good advice.

3. Do not lose track – When in a conversation be it a formal one or an informal one, soften many a person tends to lose track by getting distracted to other topics. When you want a message to be reached, make sure you stick to your agenda and get the issue across and not lost to distractions.

4. Reinforcement – It does not matter what type of news or advice you are about to communicate. It can be a good one or a nasty one. Under any of the circumstances, stay positive in your attitude. While communicating something negative always start with a positive point, get your point across and end with a hopeful note.

5. Engaging – The best way to identify how good a communicator you are is, by engaging your audience. Ask them for their opinion, make them feel valued. Remember communication is not a one-sided matter. There are both ways to it. Be open to what your listeners might feel like contributing.

How to Communicate Better

6. Feedback – Always ask for feedback, it helps clear any doubts and also helps the process of communication by removing any doubts and also brings transparency to the matter.

7. Confidence – You must exude a confident aura. It makes you a better speaker and also helps gain the trust and recognition of the people who will be willing to listen to you and maybe even act on it. Though you should be assertive but remember you should not be defensive. Be logical in approach, have a bit of humility and speak with authority.

8. Comfort-zone – Even though you might need to step out of your comfort zone and be outgoing while communicating, your aim should be to put your listeners at ease. Make them comfortable, do not indulge in profanities, you must watch your language. It would help greatly for you to earn the respect of your listeners if you give them respect. Do not use jargonistic language if not applicable. Explain things in a way that can be easily understood by the group of people you are speaking to.

Don’t think of communication skills as only required by leaders. Be it your professional or even personal life; good communication skills will help you build successful interpersonal relations that are just indispensable for you to live a happy and productive life.


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