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How to Create a Password on your iPhone: Easy steps for iPhone password setup!

by Bob V.

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How to Create Password on My iPhone?

When you set a passcode for your iPhone, it means that any person picking it up has to enter a series of figures or a password for unlocking it. Setting a password also allows encryption at a hardware level for your data.  Thus, having a password for your iPhone or iPad makes it quite difficult for a person to access your photos, private message, health and financial information and so on. The fingerprint identity sensor of Apple, which is known as Touch ID can do it so that you need not key in your passcode frequently. So, you should ensure that you set a strong password on your iPhone, which you are comfortable with. 

You should set a password for your iPhone so that your sensitive data is protected. In case your device is supporting Touch ID, your fingerprint can be used instead of your passcode. On the other hand, if your phone supports the Face ID, the face recognition feature can be used instead of your password. However, your iPhone will need your passcode if you do the following tasks:

·       Change or view passcode settings

·       Erase your device

·       Install profiles for iOS Configuration

·       Update your software

·       Swipe up for unlocking your device or for pressing the Home button

·       Restart or turn on your device

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How to set up a password for your iPhone?

1. Go to Settings ->Face ID and Passcode of iPhone X or later versions. For previous models of iPhone, you need to choose the option Touch ID & Passcode. If your device does not have Touch ID, you should navigate to Settings ->Passcode.

2. Choose “Turn Passcode On”

Key in a 6-digit passcode for your iPhone device. Alternatively, choose “Passcode Options” for switching to a 4-digit custom alphanumeric code or custom numeric code.

3. You need to key in your passcode once more to confirm and activate it.


How to change the passcode settings or passcode?

If you are using iPhone X or later versions, you need to choose Settings-> Face ID & Passcode. In case you are using previous models, choose Touch ID & Passcode from Settings. If your device does not have Touch ID, choose Passcode from Settings.

There are many options and settings you will come across:

·       Change Passcode: You can key in your new 6-digit passcode. Alternatively, tap the Passcode Options for switching to a 4-digit custom alphanumeric code, custom numeric code, or numeric code.

·       Turn Passcode off: You can use this option for turning off your Passcode.

·       Erase data: Select it if you want to erase the device automatically after ten unsuccessful password attempts. In case this option is not enabled, you need to restore your iPhone from iTunes after ten unsuccessful attempts.

·       Allow Access When Locked: This option should be used for enabling access to some of the features when an iPhone is locked.  

·       Require Passcode: The moment your iPhone screen is locked, this setting’s default option will prompt you to enter the passcode for unlocking the device. In case you do not have the requirement for an immediate passcode, this setting can be changed.

Ways of switching to a longer passcode (numeric)

When you do not feel that your existing six-digit numeric password is not that secure and an alphanumeric password can be a bit of a hassle, go for any custom numeric passcode that actually signifies more than six-digits.

1. Go to Settings available on the Home Screen

2. Choose Touch ID & Passcode

3. Key in your current passcode

4. Choose Change Passcode

5. Key in your current passcode once again

6. Choose Passcode Options

7. Choose Custom Numeric Passcode

8. Key in the new numbers for your passcode for your daily usage (choose the length as you please)

9. Key in the same new passcode once again

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