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Create Twitter Account: The Full Guide!

by Keren P.

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How to Create a Twitter Account

Having a social media presence means, you should cover the most important social media platforms. Twitter is one of the most significant areas where social media presence not only matters, but it can impact your life I ways that you can only imagine.

If you have the business, then a Twitter handle will open up avenues for unprecedented growth. For the commoners, though, Twitter not only provides great space to voice your opinion in the simplest possible way, but you get to stay connected to important people, brands. You can avail customer care and also seek redressal for a grievance that you might have suffered.

If you do not yet have a Twitter account. Here is your guide o how you can create an account on Twitter. Happy tweeting!

Sign-up – You can download the app and then sign-in, or you can do it on your computer. Whichever is comfortable for you. Fill in the relevant information and do pick a password carefully. From advanced option, select whether or not you want people with your phone or email number to find you on twitter or not. Verifying your phone number on twitter is a good idea for security reasons, and it makes it difficult for people to hack into your account.

Picking a username – Pick a username that is not just short but also catchy, that way it will be easy for people to remember and also to find you on Twitter.

Let’s go – After an explainer page you will need to click on Let’s go, and you will be directed to choose your interests on Twitter. Pick the options carefully as your feed will be full of these preferences. You will also be able to find any Twitter influencer easily through your preference and the suggestion Twitter makes accordingly. I case the suggestions are not what you like, simply unclick them.

Import contacts – Twitter does a wonderful thing of giving you an opportunity to synching your Gmail and Outlook contacts. Since these are the people, you already know, and they know you too, a mutual connection is already there. They might decide to follow you on Twitter, or it might be easier for you to find your contacts on Twitter through this system.

Notifications – You can choose to turn on the notifications or just keep it off. Though the notifications can help you to stay updated, at times too many notifications can become too distracting as well.

Create Twitter Account
How to use twitter – Once you get to using Twitter, being very easy to navigate, you can use the features such as retweet or replying, liking quite intuitively. Anyone who uses social media to some degree can easily navigate Twitter and use it to functionality.

Now that you know how to open a Twitter account make use of the following tips to make your Twitter stand out.

Choose your profile picture well. Make sure it shows who you are. A picture is worth a thousand words. It should represent your entire personality in such a tiny frame. So plan the image well.

Picking the name for your Twitter account t should also be an indicator of who you are. Keep the name short.

Refrain from using certain language. Remember you should always maintain social media decorum.

Make good use of the bio by actually describing who you are. Sarcastic or otherwise funny bios are quite popular among a certain age group. 

Twitter is the minimalist dream of staying updated and relevant in the social media zone. It asks very little from you but gives you vast networking and reaching out options. 

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