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How to Create a Playlist on YouTube?

by Eddie V.

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Create a Playlist on YouTube with Our Easy Guide!

Are you looking to maximize your presence on the world’s most popular video website YouTube? Are you short on time and resources? Worry not – YouTube playlists could be the answer. This is your complete guide to creating YouTube playlists viewers would love.

Playlists are easy when you're learning the steps to making your own YouTube channel. Here are a few necessary steps to creating a YouTube playlist.

Find the video you wish to add to your playlist


Click the 'Add to' button under the video (three lines and a plus symbol)

YouTube Playlist

Click on "Create new playlist" from the dropdown menu

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

Type in the playlist name and hit enter (for instance, "happy times"), pick the privacy settings – unlisted, private or public and click 'create'

playlist youtube

The entire process takes under one minute.

Just what is a YouTube playlist?

This is a group of videos curated and compiled by you or another user on YouTube. Whether you are a YouTube creator or viewer, creating playlists is how you organize videos with similar characteristics. You may have created a music playlist previously and are familiar with the concept. Example actors might seek out a playlist of pumped-up songs they love to listen when they have energy before a performance. They could use YouTube for inspiration and research and create a playlist of actor auditions or interviews.

Put, playlists make it simple for viewers to select the videos they wish to view – through a few clicks, videos get sorted and saved.

Why Create Playlists?

There are over 1 billion videos on YouTube. What do you do when you stumble upon a video you wish to view, but it runs for 20 minutes, and you have two minutes to spare? Will you find it again? What are the chances? You should remember the keywords you used when searching for it.

Saving videos to a playlist will ensure you can select them again.

Additionally, you could organize those videos just how YouTube creators do. A lot of YouTube viewers create unique playlists giving the advantage of music playlists consisting of just mp3s. Listen to the playlist on loop while studying or working. This is a cool way YouTube playlists are used to entertain and provide benefits.


Why Should a Creator Make YouTube Playlists?

When you own your own YouTube channel, you have multiple benefits to creating playlists. Especially if it part of your social media marketing strategy.

Increased exposure to YouTube searches

Playlists feature in YouTube search results as much as videos do. Type in "kitchen equipment reviews," and the first entry is "Equipment reviews" playlists created by America's Test Kitchen channel.

Minus the playlist, companies lose the top spot in search results.

create playlost

Its video might be coming up third in search results, displaying reviews for storage containers. But that may not be the original search query.

On top of securing the top spot, you can see it has 52 videos in the playlist. This allows users to click and view if the review they are looking for is there. Users can also look up other reviews they might be interested in.

Showing off the channel’s in-depth content

When adding playlists to your channel, you are making it look more professional. Without playlists, it would look blank and would look like you're short of content. If that is the case, why would anyone subscribe to your channel?

When creating your channel, the first playlist gets added automatically to your profile page. This is the “Uploads” playlist showing only five videos you have added to the channel.




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