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How to Deal with ADHD Child: A Guide for Parents

by Garry S.

ADHD in Children, How to Deal with ADHD Child

Important Tips for Dealing with ADHD Children

A majority of parents want the best for their child. For parents of  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) children, doing merely “good” will be inadequate. You should be a superb parent to make your ADHD child a well-adjusted and happy individual. It is not hard to be a super parent and make meaningful interactions with your child all the time.

Parents of ADHD children should realize that brains of their children are functionally dissimilar to other children. Children afflicted with this condition can learn society's acceptable norms. However, they could engage in an impulsive behavior. As a parent, you should be prepared to modify your own behavior and learn to manage your child's behavior as well. It is possible to keep within the manageable limits destructive behavior. You must make all that is required to remove your child's self-doubt.

As a parent, you should encourage good behavior and reward any positive response from your child. You should not hesitate to remove any reward if your child behaves badly. Make your child understand that there will be consequences if he or she engages in bad behavior. You will slowly see your child not behaving badly.  In short, your child should comprehend that actions have consequences.

ADHD in Children

Make your child understand what makes acceptable behavior

Behavior modification is done with the aim to assist your child to comprehend consequences of any action. The child must have the necessary control to curb the impulse. As a parent, you should help your child by showing empathy, strength, affection, and energy. A few behaviors like physical outbursts should be immediately curbed, like late rise from sleep or not switching off the television when asked to do so. The rules should be clear and simple for the child to follow. Positive repetition and reinforcement is the key.

Allow flexibility

It is vital to reward your children if they are well behaved. It is good to discourage bad behavior but you must not be too hard on your child. As a parent, do take into consideration that your ADHD child may not quickly adapt to change. You must permit children to make mistakes. Not all odd behaviors of your child are bad. Some actually contribute to a character. It is harmful to suppress your child's personality to make her a part of the so-called "normal" society.

Tackle aggression

It is a common problem for ADHD children to exhibit aggressive outbursts. If your child does this, make him do the "Time-out" practice. It is an effective method to curb the excitable behavior. Explain to the child that "Time-off" is a period where the child can cool off and think about the bad behavior they did a short time back. Remember that a mild bad behavior is your child's way to let off steam. Do punish abusive or intentionally destructive behavior which flies against the house rules.

How to Deal with ADHD Child

Make structure

Craft your child a routine and keep to it every day. To establish a series of rituals around bedtime, meals, homework, and playtime. The basic structure can be provided by doing simple daily tasks like encouraging the child to lay out clothes to wear the next day and other similar activities.

Cut tasks into easier done pieces

Paste a big calendar to the wall to remind your child to do the duty assigned to him or her. Color code the chores and the homework as well. Doing this will keep the child from getting overwhelmed with school assignments and everyday tasks. Morning routines must be broken down to manageable chunks. As a parent, it is upon you to simplify the life of your child. Keep your home organized and neat so that your child knows where everything is.


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