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How to Deal with Divorce at Work?

by Alicia R.

How to deal with divorce at work, how to handle divorce at work

How to Handle Divorce at Work?

Whether you have an amicable divorce with your partner or not, it is going to have a significant impact on your life. Due to the magnitude of the changes, it will affect your work life.

Meeting your deadlines and focusing on your clients become challenging, one of the many divorce effects. Given that you will be spending 40 hours or more in the workplace, your personal life will find a way to enter this sacred space.

The question of every person going through a split is how to deal with divorce at work. Keeping it together becomes an uphill task, as you have to maintain your professional life. Below are four tips you should use which will give you the answer to – how to handle divorce at work:

How to deal with divorce at work

Inform Your Employer

First, you need to make sure your boss is on the same page with all the recent developments in your personal life. As divorce will change the direction of your life, you need to ensure your employer understands everything you are going through at the moment. It is crucial to let your boss know that you will give it your best, despite divorce effects in your personal life.

For example, you may have to take time off work, because of the divorce proceedings in court. You also need to talk to your attorney, who may not have a flexible schedule. Letting your boss know about the split makes it easier when it comes to dealing with divorce at work. He/she will make accommodations so that you can handle bringing an end to the relationship with your former partner.

Maintain Professionalism in the Workplace

You need to tell some of your colleagues who are close to you, about your divorce. Keep in mind that word is going to get out and everyone will know. In this situation, put yourself in the shoes of your colleagues. How will you feel if you get to know intimate details about one of the employee’s divorce?

You should make sure that you don’t overshare about divorce at work, as it can change people’s perception. Keep the specifics only for your close friends, so that you can still maintain your professionalism in the office.

dealing with divorce at work
Practice Self-Care

Due to the enormity of the emotions, you have to deal with because of the divorce, you tend to forget about the basics in life. For example, you won’t pay attention to your mental needs, which impacts your performance at work.

Every time you feel overwhelmed while dealing with divorce at work, you need to make sure you change the immediate environment. Excuse yourself and go for a five-minute walk outside your office.

Make it a point to get ample amounts of exercise, while eating healthy food every day. Create a structure which will ensure you feel calm and composed. As a result, it becomes easier to deal with divorce effects at work.

Reduce Conversations with Former Partner during Work Hours

As you and your former spouse are splitting, it is common to deal with divorce at work. For instance, your previous partner may want to discuss the specifics of the case. Unless it is crucial, let your former spouse know that you want to focus on work and will get back after you are done for the day.

Engaging with your previous partner about divorce can upset you, which will make it harder to think clearly. If it is necessary to pick up the call, let your former spouse know you will call back in five minutes. Make a list of points you want to convey and then talk to your previous partner about divorce.

How to deal with divorce at work won’t be as challenging, as long you incorporate the above tips!


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