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How to Deal with a Nervous Girlfriend?

by Romeo D.

How to Deal with a Nervous Girlfriend, Dealing with Nervous Girlfriend

Tips for Dealing With a Nervous GirlfriendEvery person is different, and people in relationships tend to behave in different ways. While some might be outgoing and adventurous, some people tend to be shy and nervous. This does not mean that the quiet ones do not make great partners. If you have a nervous girlfriend, you will have to make an effort to help her get out of her bubble. You need to be careful, however, because too much might just scare her and push her further into her shell. Here are some tips to help you deal with your nervous girlfriend.

Have long conversations with her – One of the main reasons people are nervous is because they do not trust people easily or they do not feel confident around others. One way to get your girlfriend to feel free around you is to talk to her a lot. It will take you time to get her to open up, but keep at it. Once she begins to trust you, she will start reciprocating.

Do not talk about anything that will make her feel awkward. Talk about things you like to do, your hobbies, books you’ve enjoyed, and so on. In turn, ask her questions about herself, but make sure you don’t make her feel as if you are prying. If she appears to be uncomfortable with your questions, change the topic. Do not force her to respond if she does not want to. In time, if you give her space, she will feel free to talk about anything and everything with you.

How to Deal with a Nervous Girlfriend

Do not force physical touch – Nervous people do not respond well to sudden physical touch. If you are dating a nervous girl, do not expect her to get close to you immediately. You will have to introduce physical touch gradually. Make sure you withdraw the minute she feels uncomfortable.

When you are on a date with her, you can gently hold her hand. Nothing too forward. You can slowly move to put your arm around her when you are walking together. Do not force anything with her. Do not pressure into getting intimate with you. You will only scare her away if you make things move too fast. Give her time to get used to being close to you. Make sure you take things at her pace and do not pressurize her to match up with your pace.

Dealing with Nervous Girlfriend

Do not force her to meet your friends
– Of course, you want your girlfriend to meet your friends, and in time you will get there. But to start with, do not make her meet too many people as this will make her all the more nervous. Tell her about your friends and what they are like. Tell her that she can meet them when she wants to. Let it be her decision. Do not make her feel as if she is obligated to meet your friends.

Tell her she can take her own time to get comfortable around your friends. And when she does agree to meet your friends, be mindful that the first meeting will be extremely stressful for her. Make sure you are by her side and make her feel comfortable around your friends. Include her in your conversations so that she does not feel left out.

Plan quite dates with her – If you have a nervous girlfriend, she is not going to like noisy and crowded places. This gives you the opportunity to plan romantic dates with her and impress her. Take her to places without too many people. If she loves dogs, take her to a dog park. If she loves to read, plan a reading date in the park. Make sure you do not drag her into any awkward situations.


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