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How to Delete Cookies from Chrome?

by Toni S.

Delete Cookies Chrome, How to Delete Cookies from Chrome

How to Delete Cookies from Chrome?

Everyone who is familiar with the internet has heard about internet cookies. A lot of people have various ideas about cookies. Some consider it to be harmful and potential sources of vulnerabilities, while others are familiar with the role, they play in online communication and the in saving data on websites. Normally, cookies are completely safe and no malware can be inserted during the transmission of cookies as the data that is transmitted in the form of cookies cannot be changed. There can be security complications when certain viruses or malware are disguised as cookies which often are bigger in size and recreate themselves even after being deleted.

Internet cookies are nothing but text files which contain a small piece of information. The file is sent by the server of the website and is stored on the user’s computer. The formal term for the computer cookie is HTTP cookie or a web/internet cookie. Cookies are sent by websites that the user visits. It is a packet of information that goes back and forth between websites and the users who visit them. Cookies are typically stored inside web browsers and help websites keep a track of the activity and visits made by the various users. One can say that cookies are a way of allowing online service providers to customize their content for the various users.   Cookies are not viruses or any kind of spyware and are not designed to cause any harm or breach of security. Cookies are designed to make browsing the web easy and websites usually send cookies in on the first itself. It is because of the cookies that users are recognized by the website when they visit it again and all their activities are restored as they were before ending the previous session.

Delete Cookies Chrome

Pros and cons of internet cookies

While cookies can make the experience of online surfing seamless and extremely personalized, there are certain types of cookies that can get in the way of user’s convenience. For example, there are a lot of cookies that are used for marketing purposes that quietly records user’s browsing patterns and search histories. This might be deemed as intrusive by certain users.

Types of cookies

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of cookies. A basic overview of the three types is mentioned below.

  • Session cookies- Session cookies are primarily used by online retail stores for storing information about purchases and carts. They are changed with every session and get updated according to the user’s activities.
  • Permanent cookies- Permanent cookies operate even after the browser has been closed and contain details such as login information and passwords. Permanent cookies are routinely deleted after a time period of six months.
  • Third-party cookies- Third-party cookies are special types of cookies that are aimed towards collecting information about the user, such as online behavior and browsing patterns in order to improve the service provided and customize the settings according to the user’s preferences.
Google Chrome Delete Cookies

Deleting cookies in Chrome

In Google Chrome, deleting cookies is a very simple process. The user needs to locate the Tools menu on the top right-hand corner and select the options setting. In the options panel, click on "under the hood" will reveal the privacy setting. The user can click on the "show cookies" option in the privacy setting. One can choose to remove all the cookies that are shown at one go or select each web link individually and delete the cookies connected to that.

Cookies are a core component of how websites interact with their users. Users should maintain the habit of clearing their cookies routinely in order to maintain the purity of online browsing and the safety of their data.


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