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How to Delete Your Search History: A User's Guide

by Garry S.

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How to Find, Manage, and Delete Your Search History?

One way to restrict the amount of data you want to be gathered about you over the net is to remove the web browser search history of Google. Although you could be one of those users who has been using the incognito web browser of Google, it is unlikely that you and your online activities are entirely anonymous.

In fact, Google enables its users to download the archived list for all items they searched for. It is interesting to note that the search engine giant has been known to focus on this feature for a year or so.

Their downloadable collection consists of terms used by the users to Google along with information, which can be more sensitive in nature like names of the blind dates or medical symptoms.

According to the website of Google, its users can download all their saved search history to track the list of terms they have searched for. It enables users to access their data wherever and whenever they want.

Google History

The list goes much beyond the search engine function of Google. Rather it comprises documenting the searches within the email accounts of its users, as well as addresses, which could have been keyed into Google Maps. However, the accessibility to this wide range of personal data has also raised concerns over the potential vulnerability of the databases.

The tech giant has responded to such concerns by stating that they are aware of the associated risks of storing personal data in such detail especially on a home computer and sends an alert message to its users prior to them downloading their complete search archive. The message also reads if they have made up their minds to take their data to some other destination, they should research their destination’s data export policies. Else, in case they want to quit the service, they may need to leave their data behind.

Steps to download Google history:

  1. You need to first login to your Google account.
  2. Look at your Web & App Activity
  3. Click to the right top corner of your page and click on the icon. Select Download next.
  4. Click on the option “Create Archive.”
  5. Google sends an email to you as soon as your personal archive is all set to be in a downloadable state. It will be possible for you to then have a look at the archive in your Google Drive’s “Takeout Folder.” Users can also opt to download this list onto their computer as a zipped version of JSON files.
Search History

Steps to delete Google search history:

  1. Log into your Google account.
   2.  Go to Web & App Activity
  1. Go to your page’s top right corner, click on and then choose “Remove Items.”
  2. Select the period of time for which the items need to be deleted. Alternatively, choose “The Beginning of Time” to remove the entire history.
  3. Finally, click “Remove.”

You will also come across choices to delete those searches, whose occurrence frequency is more in the recent periods, individual search items, or search from tablets or mobile devices.

Simply because a user removes their search history does not signify that would disappear entirely. While such searches are not linked to your Google Account any more, Google can still store these activities separately so that abuse and spam can be prevented and to enhance the tech giant’s offered services.

Hence, deleting all your activities pertaining to web browsing does not necessarily mean that all such information about you is not available with Google. It could be also imperative you remove some data such as your map activity when your “location history” is turned on.


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