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How to Download Google Chrome?

by Toni S.

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Google Chrome Download Guide

If you are looking for a secure, easy to use, and fast web browser, then you cannot go wrong with Google Chrome. The browser has been specifically designed for the Android platform and offers you fast links to your preferred website, news articles, Google Translate built-in and Google Search, and downloads.

It is a lightweight web browser that can be downloaded free of cost and is also compatible with other operating system platforms such as iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Window.  You will find the guide handy to download and install Google Chrome on any system of yours.

Method 1: Download Google Chrome for Linux/Mac/PC

Step 1: You need to go to the website of Google Chrome

Any web browser can be used in order to download Google Chrome into your system. In case you are yet to install a browser, use the preinstalled web browser of your operating systems such as Internet Explorer or Safari.

Step 2: Click on “Download Chrome”

Clicking here will display the window for the “Terms of Service”

Step 3:  You need to decide whether Google Chrome will be your default browser or not

In case you decide Chrome as your default browser, it will automatically open if you click any webpage link such a URL in your email.


Step 4: Read the “Terms of Service” and then click on “Accept and Install”

As soon as you do that, the installation program starts and the Google Chrome gets installed after the installer is completed.Step 5: You need to sign in to Google Chrome

Once the installation is over, you will find a Chrome window being displayed with the information on first-time use. It is possible to log in using your existing Google account so that browsing history, preferences and bookmarks are synced with any Chrome web browser used by you. It is recommended to read ways of using the Google Chrome browser so that you can get some useful tips.

Step 6: Download an offline installer

The earlier steps for installing Google Chrome browser on your system can be used when the computer is connected to the Internet. However, if you want to install Chrome while there is no Internet connection, you can try to locate “Chrome offline installer” on any search engine. Go to the first link on the support site of Chrome. You can start downloading an offline installer from here. The following points should be considered for offline installation of Google Chrome.

  • After downloading the offline installer, it should be transferred to the system where Chrome has to be installed. Run this installer similar to any other downloaded program.
  • You will come across one offline installer for all the users on a computer and another one for single users. You need to ensure that the appropriate offline installer is being downloaded.
Google Chrome,

Method 2: Download Google Chrome on a mobile device

Step 1: Go to the store of your mobile device

The store is called the Play Store on Android sets and the App Store on a device with the iOS operating system. Google Chrome can be found on iOS version 5.0 and later and android version 4.0

Step 2: Try to locate Google Chrome

Google Inc. publishes it.

Step 3: Install Google Chrome

Downloading and installation will start once you click on the “Install” button. You can be prompted to accept permissions prior to installing it.

Step 4: Open the Google Chrome app

Whenever Chrome is opened for the first time, you will get a prompt on whether you want to log in with your existing Google account or not.

It is simple to install Google Chrome on your system or mobile device as is evident from the above-listed steps.


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