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How Do I Find The Best Car Accident Lawyer?

by Alvin V.

Car Accident Lawyer, How to Find a Car Accident Lawyer

How Do I Find The Right Car Accident Lawyer?

It is possible that you are involved in a vehicle accident and charges have been slapped against you. But how can you get the right car accident lawyer to help you out? Finding the right attorney from a list of car accident lawyers can be one of the major decisions in a car accident case.

You need to research carefully and choose a lawyer with years of experience in handling such cases as yours. Prior to starting your hunt, it is a sensible idea to list down the terms and qualities you wish to see in your car accident lawyer. It may be slightly different in your case, the location of the country, or even for your personality.

Car Accident Lawyer
What you should look for in your Car Accident Lawyer?

The decision to hire a car accident lawyer can be a complicated one. Fortunately, some simple questions can be asked by you to get a fair idea of the qualifications of the lawyer. If you are meeting a lawyer for the first time, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long have they been practicing?
  • How many car accident claims did they settle successfully?
  • What is the percentage of their cases that involve car accident cases?
  • How do they think they should handle your case?
  • How will they inform you of the progress and status of your case?
  • What is the role you would personally play in the case?

The answers you get for these questions can give you a proper framework of what you should expect from the lawyer. You can also follow this checklist to further make up your mind.

How to Find a Car Accident Lawyer

Important Qualities of a Car Accident Lawyer

  • You should properly evaluate the lawyer’s entire team instead of only the partners. It may so happen that the person with whom you are interacting initially may not be your primary contact going forward.
  • Experience, size, and age of the law firm. Leadership roles and awards received by the firm are also positive indicators.
  • String judicial connections: You can find out whether the lawyers take part in the bar association of the locality, as well as, contribute to campaigns or not.
  • Has the law firm settled or tried to settle cases similar to yours in your county or city? Is there an office close to where you stay?
  • Negotiation ability: Do they have the necessary ability to negotiate? After all, 95 percent of car accident cases are usually settled out of court. Some reputed lawyers even post these details on their corporate websites.
  • Comfort level: How comfortable you feel with the lawyer is also an important consideration to make.
  • Timing: Is the lawyer too tied up to spend adequate time for your lawsuit?
  • Past issues if any: Has the lawyer been ever disciplined or censured by any ethics or legal committees earlier? It is important to find out about this prior to contacting the lawyer to save your time.
  • Client reviews: You should be aware of what the past clients feel about them particularly on an independent review website.

Additional qualities to look for in an accident lawyer:

  • Look at other members of staff: a law firm works as a unit, so in many cases, several staff members are involved in lawsuits. To make sure you get the best service, review lawyers and other members of the staff as well. Look for law firms where people cooperate and not work as a single unit.
  • Search for judicial connections: you should look for an accident lawyer who works in a law firm that contributes to campaigns. Also, search for a lawyer who works at a firm that participates in the local bar association.
  • Choose a lawyer who does not shy away from the trial: in case you need to go to trial, you have to make sure the lawyer you choose goes to trial when necessary. So, search for an accident lawyer who is willing to fight for you, and get you the outcome you desire, even if it means going to court.

The process to pursue a car accident case in the court can be expensive and complicated. Also to make matters even worse, some attorneys may not be adequately qualified to pursue the compensation and claims available to you.

When you select a reputable car accident lawyer, you can save unnecessary frustration and your valuable time. Additionally, it will usually lead to a bigger settlement. The lawyer you eventually opt for should have years of experience and relevant expertise with an established track record.


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