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Michigan Death Records: How to Find Death Records in Michigan?

by Nicole M.

How to Find Death Records in Michigan, Michigan Death Records,

How to Find Death Records in Michigan?

The State of Michigan Vital Records office is responsible for keeping and storing death records within the State. Death records are considered public records and can be accessed by anyone without restrictions. Death records are considered an important vital record, and the State has records going back to the year 1867. All death records from then and till the present day are recorded in the Michigan Vital Records Office. However, the records from before then are not accessible as death records weren't kept and stored until 1867.

How to Find Death Records in Michigan
How do you Find a Death Record in Michigan?

While many websites online let you look into your family tree, check your genealogy, and let you research on your ancestors, the only way to get an official death record is to approach the State of Michigan Vital Records Office and place an order for a copy with them. VitalCheck is the only online platform that can provide valid death records from the State of Michigan.

Since death records in Michigan are considered public records owing to the fact that access is not restricted to only authorized people, anyone can apply for a death certificate. There are four ways to apply for a death record in Michigan. These include:

  • Visiting the State of Michigan Vital Records Office in person will also allow for same-day service. While the office is open every Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, those who want the death record they are applying for on the same day have to place their order before 3:00 pm to receive it that day. In order to apply in person, you will have to visit the office, fill out an application form, pay the processing fee, and either wait and receive the record either that day or as soon as it is processed if you applied after 3:00om.
  • You can alternatively mail your application to 'Vital Records Request, P.O.Box 30721, Lansing, MI 48909'. You will need to send a completed application, alongside with the processing fee.
  • Michigan also allows for applications through the phone. You will have to call (517) 335-8666, and press #1 when prompted. You will have to follow through with the directions provided in order to place your order for a death record.
  • The final way to apply for death records is online. The only Michigan death records that are available online can be ordered through VitalCheck. You will have to fill out an application, pay the fee, and wait for the record to arrive.
Michigan Death Records Online

The Vital Records Office in Detroit was closed down, and its records were shifted to Wayne County. Anyone looking to access Vital Records from Detroit should either reach out to the State Vital Records Office, or the Wayne County Vital Records Office.

What Should you know before Applying for a Death Record in Michigan?

The processing fee for each death record in Michigan is $34. This covers both the search and the production of the first death record ordered. Subsequent orders will cost $16 each. If there is a rush, or a rush copy is requested, then an additional $12 will be charged for the urgent record.

The Vital Records office can receive both checks and money orders. These should be made payable to 'State of Michigan'. Those who are applying for a death record either through the phone, online, or using mail, will have to wait for the record to reach their home or the address they designated. In order for a record to be sent faster, it has to be ordered as a rush copy, and an additional fee is charged for this service.


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