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How to Fix A Man Child? Is It Even Possible?

by Chris A.

How to Fix A Man Child, A Man Child

How to Deal with A Man Child?

As a woman, when you get into a relationship or get married, you often picture your prince in shining armor, waiting to sweep you off your feet. And while most of us may not really see this fantasy come to life, we at least expect some form of a happily ever after. And then, of course, there are those less fortunate who end up with a man child instead of the man of their dreams. So what exactly is a man child? How to fix a man child? What do you do if your boyfriend acts like a man child? How to deal with a man child? And how do you even survive being married to a man child?

In this article, we will answer all your questions, starting with what is a man child and how do you know you are married to one or dating one.

How to Fix A Man Child
What is a Man Child?

A man child is someone who might be older in age, but in terms of behavior and approach to life, is still a child. Let’s not mix up a man child with someone who is just young at heart. A man child is usually overly dependent, sometimes overly clingy and just cannot take care of himself. If you are married to a man child, you will find yourself being the primary caregiver in the marriage. This can at times drain you physically and emotionally.

How to Deal with a Man Child?

Sometimes it might not even be possible to fix a man child. Your boyfriend or husband might be so used this way of life, that he sees nothing wrong with it. The reason why fixing a man is so near impossible is because the person might not even be aware that he is a child. And how does one fix something they are not even aware of? So, it is even possible to fix a man child, probably not. But if you do love your husband or boyfriend and genuinely want your relationship to work out, then you got to try!

Here are a Few Ways You Could Try Fixing a Man Child

Do not fall for his tantrums – A sure sign that you are dealing with a man child is that they cannot have a conversation without getting offended or upset. They will turn any discussion into an argument and throw a tantrum if they do not have their way. When you see this happening, stick to your ground and do not give in to his tantrums. He will sulk for a while and then come around.

A Man Child

Be firm – It is very important to be firm when your significant other acts like a child and do not over pamper them. If you pamper your significant other when he throws a tantrum once, he will expect you do to this every time and will keep throwing his weight around to get his way. If you are not firm, you will end up being married to a man child all your life.

Do not wait on him – If your boyfriend acts like a man child, just stop waiting on him hand and foot. Let him do things for himself. Whether it is making a dentist appointment or cooking. Let him learn how to be independent.

If you really want a relationship to work, there is nothing that communication cannot fix. If your husband or boyfriend acts like a man child, tell him as much. Let him know you are not his mother and you will not put up with his needy behavior. Tell him that he needs to work on himself if he wants to make your relationship work.


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