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How to Get an Arkansas Driver's License

by Toni S.

Arkansas Driver's Training, Driver's Training Arkansas

Arkansas Driver's Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

If you’re a teenager, you’re probably excited that you are finally allowed to apply for a driver’s license. If you’d like to make Arkansas your permanent residence, getting a license is the first step for doing so.

If you’re a new resident, you may get an Arkansas driver’s license within 30 days of moving to Arkansas at the closest revenue office to you. You won’t need an additional examination if you give the local revenue office a valid license from another state or even one that hasn’t been expired for longer than 31 days. Eyesight exams are required for all licensees.

All candidates must show proof of being legally present in the United States of America. You may use any of the following documents as proof.

  • A valid United States birth certificate
  • A U.S visa
  • A photo document from the DHS
  • A military/military dependent ID with photo
  • A U.S passport
  • A naturalization certificate

If you have a different name from the name on your ID (through marriage or a similar circumstance), you will need to supply a document which links the two names. You will need to use two types of ID.

Arkansas Driver's Training

For drivers under 18

All new drivers get an instruction permit which is valid for six months. If required, the permit can be extended for six more months. If a new driver wishes to receive an unrestricted license, they have to have six months of restricted driving experience.

If a person younger than 18 wishes to get a license, they will need to supply proof that they are in high school, in graduate school or GED before they take a driver’s license exam. People in school must also provide proof of a C grade-point average or higher.

Arkansas laws allow young adults to be able to receive a driver's license when they are 14-16 years old. 16-18-year-old adults are eligible to receive an intermediate license. The next step from an intermediate license can only be achieved by not being in any accidents or serious traffic violations in the most recent six months. Class D licenses can be had when there aren't any serious violations or accidents within the most recent 12 months.

If you’d like to get a photo ID, you can get one for $5. The documents listed above as proof of residence will be enough to get a photo ID.

Driver's Training Arkansas

How does the Arkansas Provisional Driver’s License work?

The provisional driver’s license in Arkansas is simple enough for anyone to understand. The state follows a Graduated Driver Licensing program. This means that anyone who is younger than 18 has to earn as well as keep a provisional driver’s license before they graduate to an unrestricted license. There are a couple of rules which need to be followed by Arkansas provisional driver’s license holders.

  • An adult must be present in the vehicle with them while they drive for the first six months. (If you turn 18 years old before six months are up, the restriction lapses)
  • 11 pm to 4 driving is strictly off limits. There are exceptions when with an adult who is at least 21 years old, driving to school/work, church or in a crisis/emergency.
  • Everyone in the car, including the driver, must wear seatbelts at all times.
  • Cellphones, as well as other wireless communicating devices, are strictly off-limits while driving unless there is an emergency.
  • Only one minor who is unrelated to you may be carried in the car. If more than one minor is present, an adult who is at least 21 years old must be present in the car.

Arkansas has well thought out driving license programs. Contact your local driving schools for more information.


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