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How to Get a California Driver's License

by Roni G.

California Drivers Training, Drivers Training California

California Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

It is extremely exciting to get the driver’s license and learner’s permit in California. However, it can be a bit overwhelming too if you are unaware of the steps. Check out this easy guide that details each step to get a driver’s license in the state.

Step 1: Undergo an approved Driver’s License Course in California

In case you are below 17 and a half years old, it is imperative to clear a course in driver’s education before getting a driver’s license or a learner’s permit in California. However, you should be a minimum of 15.5 years old.

  • Clear the course
  • After passing the course, the institute will give you Form OL 237, the certificate of completion
  • Also, carry the certificate of completion while visiting DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). It is proof that you have cleared the course so that you can take the driver’s permit test

Step 2: Be aware of your training options behind-the-wheel

In case your age is between 15.5 and 17.5 years, it is imperative to finish a driver’s training course to procure your driver’s license. Also, when you go for your permit test at the DMV, ensure that you carry appropriate evidence with you. 

  • Carry a certificate of completion of your driver’s training, or
  • Carry your certificate of enrollment that you received in your driver training course
California Drivers Training

Step 3: You should obtain your learner’s permit for California at the DMV

Ensure that all your required forms are in proper order before visiting the DMV for appearing for the driver’s permit test.

  • Carry your certificate of completion, evidence of completing your driver’s course or being enrolled in any driving driver training course, and the Form DL 44 to the DMV
  • Clear a vision exam
  • Clear a sign test and written traffic law
  • Pay the required fee
  • Give your fingerprints
  • A picture for your driver’s license will be taken
  • Also, submit the documents to prove your identity

Following are the forms to be presented at the DMV California

  • Form DL 44 – California does not offer the DL 44 form online. So, you need to get it by mail or at the DMV
  • Also submitted your completed DL 44 form. The signatures of both your parents should be present on the form. When you sign the form, it means you agree to appear for a chemical test to ascertain the drug or alcohol content in your blood, needed by the peace officer. In case you do not sign the statement, a license or permit will not be issued by the DMV.
  • Form OL 237 (Certificate of completion) – After you have completed an online test successfully, you will receive your Form OL 237, duly approved. It makes sure that the DMV gets the evidence of your successful graduation and your eligibility to appear for the written exam for getting the permit.
Drivers Training California

Some other documents required:

  • To establish your legal status or U.S. citizenship and age proof
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Step 4: Enroll and complete a training course for behind-the-wheel

  • You need to finish professional driver training for a minimum of six hours
  • You need to complete this driver training course legally before moving on, as well as, practicing with your legal guardian or parent

STEP 5: You need to practice for a scheduled duration

  • You need to practice driving for 50 hours  but under parental supervision
  • Out of these 50 hours, 10 hours of practice should be done at night mandatorily

STEP 6:  Time to apply for your driver’s license in California for the first time

You should be a minimum of 16-year-old for being eligible to apply for your driver’s license for the first time. Plus, you should have your permit for six months.


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