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How to Get a Colorado Driver's License

by Kelly B.

Colorado Drivers Training, Drivers Training Colorado

Colorado Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

While there is no doubt that you would be excited to get your driver’s license in Colorado, the entire process can be quite a daunting one. The guide can make the process simple for you and you are equipped with all necessary details to complete the process of getting your license in Colorado without missing any step.

Get your Learners Permit in Colorado

  • First-time drivers are eligible to take a Driver’s Ed training course starting right at the age of 14 and a half. However, a person will not be able to get an actual permit until they turn 15. You can apply for a Driver’s Education Permit if you are between 15 and 15 ½ years. However, this is only if you complete a Driver’s Ed course that is state-approved.
  • Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and submit two forms of identification, which are accepted by the authorities. These forms can be a Social Security card, proof of residence in Colorado, or a birth certificate. Also, visit the DMV website for Colorado to get the entire list of IDs, which are acceptable.
Colorado Drivers Training
  • You need to also submit a proper Affidavit of Liability & Guardianship.
  • In case you wish to apply for your Driver Education Permit, you need also to show an affidavit establishing that you have completed a classroom course on driver education.
  • Also, provide a Driver Awareness Permit, which is evidence of completing your driver awareness program successfully.
  • After completing all the above steps, you need to pass a test on vision screening, a written exam for DMV, and analysis on physical aptitude.

How can you obtain your Driver’s license in the state of Colorado?

After you have received your permit in Colorado, it is time for you to practice driving. There is a requirement of a behind-the-wheel drive tie for six hours in the state of Colorado. You need to do this with the help of an approved driving school’s professional driving instructor. Additionally, you need to also complete driving practice for an extra 50 hours. The time includes ten hours driving at night. The driving practice should be verified by the legal guardian or the parent whose name is mentioned in the Affidavit of Liability & Guardianship. The verification is needed only for youths whose age is below 16 years and six months old.

 Drivers Training Colorado

  • The step can be completed by enrolling in an approved driving school that offers a minimum of 20 hours of training on driver education every week.
  • The training includes both behind-the-wheel and classroom instruction.
  • In case no approved driving school exists within thirty miles from your house, you can instead finish behind-the-wheel training of 12 hours in the presence of a guardian, alternate permit supervisor, or a parent.
  • Additionally, all minors who are below 18-year-old have to submit a written log specifying their completion of fifty hours of driving practice session along with their adult parent/guardian who had put their signatures on the Affidavit of Liability & Guardianship. Out of these 50 hours of drive-practice, 10 hours of driving practice should be at night.
  • To get your driver’s license in Colorado, you need to clear the driver’s exam of the DMV.

So, here is the summarize checklist to get your driver’s license in the state of Colorado:

  • Complete six hours of driving with the support of a professional driving instructor
  • Log fifty hours of driving, which should include ten hours of practice at night
  • Should be 16-year-old
  • You should have an instruction permit for at least 12 months


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