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How to Get a Connecticut Driver's License

by Robert K.

Connecticut Driver's Training, Driver's Training Connecticut

Connecticut Driver's Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

A personal vehicle is the best way to get to places - it gives you freedom in traveling, and you do not have to worry about following public transportation schedules. To legally drive without risking jail time, you need to get a driver’s license. Irrespective of whether you know how to drive or not, you are still legally obligated to have a driving license before you can legally take your car out on the road.

What is Behind the Wheel training?

Just as the name implies, behind the wheel training puts you in charge of a car with a trainer by your side. The State of Connecticut does not make it compulsory for adults to undergo such training. Teens, however, that is anyone either sixteen or seventeen years old, will have to clock forty hours with a trainer before they are allowed to take their driving test.

Connecticut Driver's Training

A trainer can be anyone that holds a legal US driving license that has not been under suspension for the past four years. The number of places from where you can get behind the wheel training is diverse. You can register with a driving school or approach any friend or relative who is over the age of 20 and has a legal driving license which has not been suspended in the previous four years. While a minor has to reach 40 hours by rule, an adult can be more flexible with the duration they spend on behind the wheel training, clocking only the hours they need to learn how to drive properly.


What is a permit training?

Permit training takes you through the steps you need to obtain a Learners Permit. You can use this permit while driving before you pass your road test and get your driving license. Provided by the State of Connecticut DMV, you do not have to have a Learners Permit before you start driving school. You can begin taking driving lessons and then apply for the permit or vice versa. Minors must have a Learning Permit for a period between 120-180 hours before they can become eligible to take their road test; adults, unless eligible for the exemption, must hold the permit for at least ninety days. 

To get the permit, you need to apply online, after which there are 8-14 days waiting period. You should prepare yourself using the provided manuals during this time, and get ready to answer a 25 question exam. You cannot get more than four answers wrong to qualify for a Learners Permit. The exam also includes a vision test that measures the accuracy of your sight while driving.

Driver's Training Connecticut

Why take driving classes?

Driving is an acquired skill. No one is born with the knowledge of how to drive a car, and the amount of time it takes to learn how to drive differs from person to person. Everyone can learn how to drive, and with practice and dedication, steady hands behind the wheel are not far behind.

There are certain advantages to attending a driving school that you should take into consideration:

  • Attending a driving school does not just enable you to learn how to drive, your trainer will also take you through relevant road and traffic rules that a friend or family member may skip. Driving on the road is not simply about operating the car, it is also about following traffic rules and regulations that help keep the streets safe
  • Certification from a driver training school also helps you in getting better insurance for your car
  • Good driving has a lot to do with proper technique, and a driving school helps you eliminate bad habits while driving which may otherwise become normal for you
  • Your trainer can instill in you the confidence you need to pass your tests successfully

Driving has become an important part of life. And drivers training enables you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a safe, aware and responsible driver.



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