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Illinois Death Records: How to Find Death Records in Illinois?

by Golthar B.

Illinois Death Records, How to Find Death Records in Illinois

How to Find Death Records in Illinois?

The state of Illinois was part of the Northwest Territory in 1787 and became a part of the Indiana Territory in 1800. It later became a part of the Illinois territory, and subsequently became a state in the year 1818. Most counties that came under the state didn't keep records of deaths until the year 1877. And up until the year 1916, only county clerks recorded deaths in the state.

Copies of those death records that were stored in the state of Illinois until the year 1916 are accessible via the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System (IRAD) if it has the files for the said county. They are also available from the county clerks.

Death Records are not Public Records

The state of Illinois grants accesses to death records of a person only if the applicant is related to the deceased in some way. They are not public records and are not accessible by everyone. But in case you are not related to the dead person and still want to get a hold of his or her death records, you can do so by getting a letter or document from the official agency along with a copy of the death certificate of the deceased.

Copies of death certificates are available from the Department of Public Health, state of Illinois, or the Division of Vital Records. Certified copies of death certificates can be used only for legal purposes, while you can use the uncertified copies for familial purposes.

How to Find Death Records in Illinois

Getting Death Records in Illinois

When applying to obtain death records of a person in Illinois, it is crucial to bear in mind that the Department of Public Health doesn't hold records of death that occurred before the year 1916. There are four different ways you can get death records of a person in the state of Illinois.

  • Getting Death Records by Mail

The first way of getting death records in Illinois is by mail. To get death records in Illinois by mail, all you need to do is fill out an application form, which helps search for death records, with relevant information, and mail it to the concerned authorities along with a valid copy of your photo identity, such as your driver's license, as well as a self-addressed envelope. The fee for getting certified death records by mail is $19, while that for uncertified records is $10, and is payable by pay order or check. You should also mail the pay order or check along with the relevant documents.

  • Getting Death Records in Person

You can also get a person's death records in Illinois by paying a visit to the office of the Department of Public Health, filling out an application form for the searching of death record files, and paying the required fee.

  • Getting Death Records by Fax

To get a person's death records by fax, you must complete the above application form for searching the files and send a fax to the concerned number.

Online Death Records

  • Getting Death Records Online

To get Illinois death records online, you should first login to Vital Check's website and then submit a request for obtaining the death records. Once you apply, you will get a confirmation email regarding the same. It will ask you to verify your identity. And once you provide the required documents, Vital Check will get back to you with the records you requested in one or two working days.

So, you can get death records in Illinois using any of these four methods including getting the files by mail, getting them in person, getting them through fax or applying for them through Vital Check's website. But when you apply for them, don't forget that death records are not public records, and just anyone can't access them.


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