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How to Find Death Records in Louisiana?

by Laurein A.

How to Find Death Records in Louisiana, Death Records in Louisiana

How to Find Death Records in Louisiana?

No deaths were recorded in the State of Louisiana before the year 1911, except for the ones filed by parishes like Orleans Parish or Jefferson Parish. The state did not store these records until the year 1914. Death records and other vital records can be excellent sources of information. They often contain information regarding the person who died, his or her age at the time of death, cause of death, and place of birth. It also includes the names of both the parents and the name of the spouse. Additionally, it consists of the name of the person who gave information about the death and the informant's relationship with the deceased.

Louisiana Death Records

All Louisiana death records are usually maintained by the Department of Health, which comes under the State Registrar and Vital Records Office. These records are public records and can be used to close personal accounts, pay off creditors, and divide assets. They are also used to claim the insurance policies purchased by the deceased. These records are sometimes available online, but can usually be sought through the phone or via mail. The person wanting the files must pay a base fee of $7 to get them. But other charges also apply.

Public Death Records Louisiana

If the person seeking the records wants to apply, he or she can do so by walking into the New Orleans office on weekdays, anywhere between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm. Alternatively, he or she can also order the records through kiosks available at the Vital Records office.

Getting Louisiana Death Records Online

Vital Check is a records service available throughout the United States using which residents can order death records and other public records. This service is available online as well as through the phone. A service provider works closely with the state government to issue these records to the persons seeking them. The applicant can go online to check the status of his or her order. Additional charges may apply for mailing the documents. The applicant can obtain death records of the deceased person only if he or she is related to him or her in some way. An attorney can also get a death certificate on behalf of the dead person.

Death Records in Louisiana
Public Death Records in Louisiana

The only people authorized to request death records in the State of Louisiana are the deceased person's surviving spouse, parents, adult children, siblings, grandparents, adult grandchildren, legal guardians or beneficiaries of an insurance policy purchased by the dead person. The person seeking the records must furnish details like the name of the deceased person, their dates of birth and death, gender, cities of birth and death, parishes of birth and death, father's name, and mother's maiden name.

Additionally, he or she must also give details about his or her relationship with the deceased person. He or she must also provide his or her name, address, and a photocopy of his or her government-issued identity proof. The person seeking the records must duly fill a form furnishing details of the requested information and submit it to the concerned authorities. Only after proper verification will the authorities release the death certificates.

According to the Louisiana Public Records Act of 1940, all residents of the State of Louisiana have been granted the rights to access all public records, including death records, with a few exceptions. This Act ensures that the public has all the rights to access any public record and make copies of them without having to face any civil or criminal charges. As of January 2012, all death records in the State of Louisiana are available in the Union Parish Clerk's office. They are also available in the office of Vital Records. The photocopies of each certificate cost about $5 if delivered by mail while certified copies cost around $10 each.


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