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How to Get a Delaware Driver's License

by Eddie V.

Delaware Driver's Training, Driver's Training Delaware

Delaware Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel and Permit Training

Having your car can make life a lot simpler. You can schedule your time any way you like and not have to worry about public transportation; you can take yourself and your family to work, school and even on vacations, and you have 24x7 access to an automobile which can be a lifesaver during emergencies.

However, it is not enough to just own a vehicle. Before you can drive your car legally, you need to have a driving license. One of the easiest ways to get a license is to enroll in drivers training to study for your road test, and obtain a Learners Permit so you can drive before you get your official license. The two main kinds of training you can undergo at driving school are Behind the Wheel training and Permit training.

What is Behind the Wheel training?

The State of Delaware makes it compulsory for applicants below the age of eighteen to undergo behind the wheel training and complete mandated classroom education before you can take your driving test. Minors must spend at least fifty hours with a trainer engaged in behind the wheel training, along with another forty-four hours at a driving course.

Delaware Driver's Training
The course should include thirty hours of classroom training, seven hours observation in the car along with another seven hours behind the wheel training. If you wish to focus on behind the wheel training simply, then you would need to clock a hundred hours before you become eligible to take the road test.

Behind the wheel training is simply practicing driving in a car with a trainer, that is, someone in possession of a legal driving license that has the authority to provide drivers education in your State. Driving is a learned skill, and while some people progress faster than others, no one is born with the innate knowledge of how to drive a car. That is where behind the wheel training lets you take control of a vehicle, and under the supervision of a trainer, gain the skills and know-how that can make you an aware and responsible driver.


What is permit training?

Anyone that has reached the age of 16 in the State of Delaware is eligible to begin their driving education classes towards the end of obtaining their driving license. A Learners Permit, however, enables you to drive legally before you obtain your official driving license. To obtain this permit, you would need to apply for and undergo a vision and knowledge examination that tests your basic capability to drive safely. Permit training helps you pass this test with ease while enabling you with the skills and confidence to comfortably drive.

Driver's Training Delaware

The Delaware Department of Education offers free Drivers Education lessons for students who are sixteen or older, making it inexpensive and easy to obtain drivers training. The State sponsored program includes thirty hours of training in a classroom, seven hours in-car and under observation and seven more hours behind the wheel training. You can also take driving lessons from a driving school, but you would need your certificate of completion showing that you have fulfilled your State mandated requirements and your successful results at the Permit test before you can be issued with a Learners Permit.

Why take drivers training?

Learning how to drive from an institution enables you to:

  • Gain awareness, knowledge of rules and regulation as well as tips and techniques that can make you a better, safer driver
  • Make it easier to get automobile insurance as well as open doors to discounts for the same
  • Obtain the confidence you need to pass your tests successfully

Knowing how to drive has become an essential life skill today, and drivers training helps you take one step closer to becoming a confident and secure driver.



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