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How to Get a Florida Driver's License

by Keren P.

Florida Drivers Training, Drivers Training Florida

Florida Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

The roadways today are becoming more and more congested, more drivers are distracted on the roads, and even the weather has begun to take a turn for the worse. This means the new drivers and even old ones that have had a few years of driving experience need to be more careful. There has been added pressure on the driving schools as well as the instructors to ensure that their students are thoroughly trained. The drivers need to have a driving program that trains them and gives them more confidence and have enough skill and experience to react to any situation that they are put in.

There are two main types of training that driving students can take part in, viz, Behind the wheel training and Permit training. Below are a few details about each of these training types.

Behind the Wheel Training in Florida

For a teenager who is looking forward to getting their first license in Florida, there is no need of undergoing a professional driving course. However, what they need is to get completely behind the wheel practice. This is one of the major requirements of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) graduated driver licensing (GDL) Program.

Florida Drivers Training

The behind the wheel driving instructions help students to learn safe driving habits and prepare them for their driving tests. It is crucial to have supervised driving practice as it helps the driver gain the necessary confidence as well as experience to that they need to handle the responsibility of driving at a young age.

Behind the Wheel Requirements in Florida, any individual who is younger than 18 years of age would need to fulfill the requirements of the Florida DHSMV GDL requirements to get their first license in the state of Florida.


The first step would be to complete the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education, i.,e. the TLSAE course and then apply a for learners permit with the Division of Driver Licenses. Once a student has got their learners to permit they need to complete over 50 hours of behind the wheel driving practice with the help of a licensed adult. Out of the 50 hours, ten need to be done at night.

As soon as the student is done with the 50 hours of driving, they are ready and considered to have enough driving experience to take their driving test. It should be noted that the driver needs to practice driving maneuvers and other techniques that they will be evaluated on during the test. Details of what to expect during your driving test can be easily found in the Florida DMV drivers manual.

Drivers Training Florida
Requirements to get your Learners permit in Florida

To get learners to permit in Florida, you would need to meet a few essential requirements

  • You need to be at least 15 years of age
  • Provide proof that you have completed the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course
  • Provide a parental consent form if you are under 18 years of age along with your proof of identity.
  • Pass a vision and hearing test
  • Complete your permit exam

On receiving your drivers permit you would need to have a licensed driver above the age of 21 with you at all times. For the first three months, you are only allowed to drive during the daylight. This means you can only drive between 6 am and 10 pm. If you do not receive any moving traffic citations within 12 months of issuance of the permit, you will be able to take the driving test to get a Class E license.


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