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How to Get a Hawaii Driver's License

by Toni S.

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Hawaii Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

A teenager that is looking forward to getting a drivers license in Hawaii needs to keep in mind a few critical points. Depending on their age and the path that they choose they would have to face different requirements. Hawaii operates on a GLP that is a Graduated Licensing Program. This means that any applicant under the age of 18 years would have to possess additional information before they could be issued a drivers license.

The Hawaii GLP is a three-step program that is specially designed for drivers under the age of 18 years. The program allows a beginner driver to develop their driving skills and gain experience and maturity over time. To apply for an instructional permit, the applicant should be at least 15 years and six months in age. Once they have reached that age, they just need to bring their social security card along with their birth certificate. Be accompanied by a legal guardian or their parents who have valid identification and pass a vision, written, and roadside identification test.

It would be tricky for an inexperienced driving student to pass these exams. There are some students who opt to take the online prep test that would ensure they pass on their initial try. These prep courses are required to give the students valuable insights into road rules, safe driving techniques, as well as building the foundation of becoming a responsible and attentive driver.

Hawaii Drivers Training

What to do after you get your Hawaii Instruction Permit

The next step is to complete the Hawaii drivers education course. This can either be taken in a classroom or online and is 37 hours long. At the same time, they would also need to enroll in a behind the wheel course that is the Department of Transportation approved. This course would include 50 hours of driving with an instructor, legal guardian, or parent. This should consist of 10 hours of driving done at night. While applying for a provisional license, the driver would need to present the examiner with a signed driving log.

Hawaii Instruction Permit Restrictions

There are a few restrictions that come with an instructional permit:

  • The new driver would need always to have a passenger who has a valid drivers license and is 21 years or older.
  • The new driver can only drive between 6 am and 10 pm. They can only drive between 11 pm, and 5 am if they have a parent or guardian present in the passengers' seat.
  • The new driver would have to hold their instructional permit for 180 days before they apply for the road test.
Drivers Training Hawaii

How to get your Hawaii Provisional License
A teenage driver's next phase would be getting a provisional license. For this, a teenager would need to have their instructional permits for at least 180 days, possess your certificate of completion from the Department of Transportation approved driver education course, and pass the road test

Restrictions for the Provisional License
The limits from the instructional permit will still be applied however they will be able to drive if there is a passenger under the age of 18 and having a licensed parent or guardian would not be required to accompany the driver. However, the reason for the drive should be school or work-related.

Any traffic violations would also result in the suspension of the license for up to a year.

Getting an Official Hawaii Drivers License
The final phase of becoming a licensed driver is getting a drivers license. To get this, the new driver would need to have your provisional license in good standing till they are 17 years of age. If the driver is 17 years of age and has held the provincial permit for six months without any penalties or tickets are eligible for an official drivers license.


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