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How to Get an Idaho Driver's License

by Roni S.

Idaho Driver's Training, Driver's Training Idaho

Idaho Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Idaho offers driver permits through the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles. The department has a Graduated Driver’s License program. As per this program, there are certain requirements to be met before being able to get a permit and start driving.

Permit requirements

The following are the permit requirements for teens to get a driving permit. The permit given is referred to as the Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP). This is meant for teens between the ages of 14½ and 17. There are certain requirements to be fulfilled:

  • An adult aged 21 years or above with a driver’s license should be in the front passenger seat and should supervise the teen’s driving.
  • Seat belt and child restraints (for children) are mandatory for all passengers.
  • The permit must be carried at all times while driving.
  • The laws related to alcohol consumption and usage of substance as relevant to Idaho needs to comply strictly.
  • A total of 50 hours of driving under the supervision of an adult has to be completed, out of which 10 hours have to be after dark.

Those who meet all the above requirements, are above 15 years of age and have held a SIP for at least six months, can apply for the driver’s license.

Idaho Driver's Training

Getting a driving license in Idaho

There are specific driving training requirements that need to be met before anyone can be issued a driver’s license. These include:

  • A classroom study for driver’s education, where a minimum of 30 hours of instruction needs to be completed by every license applicant.
  • A 6 hours behind-the-wheel training, wherein one needs to get trained by a certified instructor.
  • Six hours of supervised driving, where an adult with a driver’s license needs to observe the driving of the applicant.

This training can be taken during the school session, in which case it usually spans 42 days. It can also be taken outside school time, in which case it would be for 30 days. The program can be taken at school or even at a private organization.


Driver Education

The driver education program is mandatory. New drivers between the age of 14 ½  and 21 can take these courses. It would cover the following:

  • Traffic discipline and laws
  • Consequences of breaking traffic laws
  • Road signs and signals to be used
  • Situational issues

Apart from learning driving and being able to handle a car in any situation, the course would also prepare the participants to clear the tests required to get the Idaho driver’s license.

Driver's Training Idaho

Online Training
There are many organizations that provide online training for the 30 hours of drivers education course that needs to be completed. Online training is also permitted, and teens would find this more interesting with the use of graphics, animation, and videos to make learning more effective.

On completion of the training, an online exam is required to be taken, where one needs to clear 80% of the questions. After this, a certificate is issued. This is needed to get the driver’s license.

Skill Test
On receiving the certificate and on completing a 6 hour behind the wheel training and 6 hours of supervised training, the applicant can take a skill test. On successful completion of the skill test, the driver’s license is issued. In case, the applicant fails in the skill test, he/she can take it after three days again.

License holders under the age of 16 can drive only during daylight unless companied by a licensed adult in the front passenger seat.

Those under the age of 18 would be issued a license only after a verification statement is taken from the parent/guardian.


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