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How to Get an Illinois Driver's License

by Eddie V.

Illinois Drivers Training, Drivers Training Illinois

Illinois Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Illinois has a Graduated Driver’s License program where an instruction permit can be obtained, followed by a teen license and then an adult license. The entire process is handled by the office of the Secretary of State, Illinois.

IL Instruction Permit
The first stage of the Graduated Driver’s license program is to get an instruction permit. This permit is available to anyone below the age of 18 years. This permit allows them to drive with a licensed adult seated next to them in the passenger seat.

Driver’s Education Program
As per Illinois law, it is mandatory for anyone who wants a drivers license to attend a drivers education program that has 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of driving practice. It is conducted by schools and also by private organizations.

Those desiring a permit should apply for the permit with the necessary documentation to the Secretary of State Facility. The application form with the parent/guardian’s approval needs to be submitted. They need to have completed the driver’s education program or should take it within 30 days of submitting the application. A vision test is to be cleared with a requirement of a 20/40 vision.

A written exam has to be conducted. Those who have completed the classroom training would find the exam easy.  This exam needs to be passed within a year of the application date. On clearing the exam, the instruction permit is issued.

Illinois Drivers Training
Initial Driver’s License
The second stage of the graduated license program envisages receiving the initial driver’s license, for those below 16. Having this license allows you to drive without supervision during night times. There are some restrictions imposed that include:

  • Usage of a cell phone is not allowed
  • For the first year, you cannot take more than one passenger below 20 years of age, who is not a member of your family.
  • After the first year, you cannot have more than one passenger in the front seat.
  • In case of any violation, these restrictions can be extended.

Once you have received the instruction permit, you need to complete 50 hours of driving practice under the supervision of an adult seated next to you. Ten hours of this must be at night.


To get the initial driver’s license, you must complete a driver’s education program of 30 hours with 6 hours of practice. The certificate needs to be submitted with the application. Certification of 50 hours supervised driving should be submitted with the application.

A driving exam has to be passed. Three chances are given to you to pass the test within one year of the application date. On completion of the driving exam, you would receive the initial license.

Drivers Training Illinois

Full adult license
The final stage of the graduated license program in Illinois is the Full (Driver’s) license. This is for all initial applicants above 21 and those holding an instruction permit.

Drivers education
You need to complete 6 hours driving the course. (Not needed if you have done one earlier).

The application with necessary documentation needs to be submitted to the Secretary of state facility. A vision test needs to be passed with 20/40 acuity.

A written exam has to be passed. This again won’t be a problem for those who have completed the driver’s education program. You then have to pay the license fee and then finally you have taken an on-road driving exam. The driving exam has to be completed within a year of the application date, and you get three chances to complete it.

Once you clear this requirement, you can surrender the initial permit (if applicable) and receive the driver’s license making you eligible to drive your car. Also note that in Illinois, every license holder must clear a written exam once every eight years.



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