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How to Get an Indiana Driver's License

by Peggy B.

Indiana Drivers Training, Drivers Training Indiana

Indiana Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Indiana has a Graduated Driver’s License program offered by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Under this program, there are two stages, namely the learner’s permit and the probationary license.

Indiana learner’s permit
Eligibility for the learner's permit is anyone who is 15 years old having completed a driver’s education program. Sixteen years old who have not completed the driver's education program can apply for the learner’s permit.

Drivers education

Indiana requires that license and permit applicants below 16 years of age need to complete a driver’s training program that is for 30 hours. A 6 hour behind the wheel training is also mandatory, and this must be certified by a driving school licensed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This certification is needed at the time of the application. Online training can also be done for the 30 hours drivers education, but the 6 hours behind the wheel program has to be done at an approved driving school. 

The learner’s permit has a maximum validity of 180 days.

The applicant needs to submit an application to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with the necessary documentation and pay the fee and take up the vision test and written test. Only those clearing the written test would be issued the learner’s permit.

Indiana Drivers Training

Supervised driving

Once a permit has been received, the permit holder must undergo 50 hours of driving under supervision, out of which 10 hours must be at night. The supervision must be done by a certified driving instructor, a certified driving rehabilitation specialist, any licensed driver above 25 years related to the permit holder, or a spouse with a license above 21 years. A log needs to be maintained for supervised driving and has to be submitted to the bureau.

Probationary License

This license is given to all those who are 16 years 90 day old and above, who have completed a drivers education program. Those who are 16 years 270 days and above can apply for the probationary license in Indiana, without undergoing the driver's education program.

As mentioned earlier, the driver's education program should be for 30 hours of classroom or online training with 6 hours behind the wheel training certified by a driving instructor.

Drivers Training Indiana

You can apply for a probationary license at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. You need to fill and submit a signed application form, along with the relevant documentation and pay the fee. A vision test has to be taken after which you have to clear a knowledge test and a driving test. On clearing the tests, you can receive the probationary license. There are some restrictions on the probationary license, which you need to compulsorily follow. Failure to follow these restrictions can lead to an extension of probationary license, and you will not get the permanent license.

Restrictions for probationary license holders

  • If you have a probationary license, you are not allowed to use a cell phone while driving.
  • For the first 180 days after receiving the license, you cannot drive with a passenger, unless one of the following is in the front passenger seat with you:
    • a certified driving instructor
    • any license holder over 25 years of age
    • your spouse who has a driving license and is above 21 years
  • However, in this period, you can drive with a child, spouse, or sibling during the permitted hours.

Indiana Driving License

Anyone who is above 21 years of age can obtain an Indiana drivers license. They need to submit an application with documentation and clear a knowledge test to receive the license. A driving skills exam is also required to get the driving license.


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