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Mississippi Death Records: How to Find Death Records in Mississippi?

by Nicole M.

How to Find Death Records in Mississippi, Mississippi Death Records

How to Find Death Records in Mississippi?

Death Records are one of the vital public records that are required to be obtained after the death of a person. The death certificate is a record that certifies the death of a person and contains details of the date and time of death. It is a very important record that the legal heir of a person needs to possess. After a person’s death, there are many legal issues like hand over of estate, closing of bank accounts, obtaining insurance payout, etc. For all these processes, the death certificate is mandatory.

How to Find Death Records in Mississippi

The Mississippi Death Records can be searched from two sources – one is from the county office in the county where the person has died. The other is from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

If you are looking for Public Death Records Mississippi,  you should note that the state began to record details of deaths from 1912. An online database of deaths is available from 1912 onwards and finding it is easy.

How to Find Death Records in Mississippi

In case a person’s death occurred from 1879 to 1912, then the death record has to be searched from the county office where the death occurred. There are no death records available either in the county or in the state health department for deaths that occurred prior to 1879. You must look in church records, cemetery records, newspapers, or probate records in such a situation.

Mississippi Death Records Online is available on websites that have compiled and maintained these records. These websites are maintained by private individuals or organizations. The records on these websites may not be complete. If you are looking for death records, you can try out these databases:

  1. a) This is a record of deaths that took place from 1912 to 1943. You can search on this database by selecting the county name and entering the surname of the person whose record you are looking for.
  2. b) is a compilation of online death records that are based on various sources, including obituaries, probate records, and available death records indices.

If you want to officially find a death record in Mississippi, you can do so by applying for it. The death certificate is the official record of death can be issued either by the county or the Department of Health.

Mississippi Death Records
To get a Person’s Death Record from the Dept. of Health, you must be:

  1. i) A parent of the deceased person
  2. ii) A spouse, sibling, or grandparent

iii) A person whose name is listed on the death certificate as an informant or legal guardian

  1. iv) Anyone who legally has an interest in obtaining the certificate

If 50 years have passed since a person’s death, then the death certificate becomes a public record accessible by anyone. Until then, it can only be obtained by authorized persons only.

The death certificate can be ordered online from the website of the agency VitalChek by visiting the website

It can be ordered on phone from VitalChek by calling (601) 206 8200.

You can order the death certificate by mail by downloading the application form, filling it in, and enclosing the requisite fee in the form of a money order or check. The fee of $17 needs to be paid. This includes a five-year search for the death record. A photo ID of the applicant needs to be enclosed with the application that can be sent to:

Mississippi Vital Records

P O Box 1700

Jackson, MS 39215-1700

If you want to collect the death certificate in person, you can visit,1251,109,61.html for more information.


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