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How to Get a Mississippi Driver's License

by Keren P.

Mississippi Drivers Training, Drivers Training Mississippi

Mississippi Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

When it comes to driving a motor vehicle in the United States, the only absolute key is a valid driver's license which vouches for an individual's credibility towards maneuvering, commandeering and vehicle control skills. As in other countries, the permitted age for applying for a drivers license is late teens. But in the state of Mississippi, a person with a minimum age of fifteen can register for obtaining a driver's license.

Mississippi Road Skills Test

To secure a driver's license, the applicant has to pass the road skills test successfully. This road skills test exhibits the driver's capability of secure driving skills as well as his understanding of following traffic rules. Based on how a person could best portray his driving expertise adhering to the provided format, specific procedures are incorporated in the road skills test which includes:

  • How to start and reverse the vehicle from the parked zone efficiently.
  • How to control the vehicle by learning and following the rules of the road.
  • How to combat distracted driving.
  • How to anticipate dangers and minimize risks.
  • How to be a safe, courteous and fuel-efficient driver.
  • How to observe and learn speeding rules.
  • How to efficiently change lanes and commandeer the vehicle.
Mississippi Drivers Training

Mississippi Learner's Licensing Process

In Mississippi, obtaining a learner's license is a multistage licensing process which helps the teen learners to acquire a better understanding of elaborated driving procedures in an extended period. Most of the states in the United States asked to pass a physical before applying for the driver's license. But in the state of Mississippi, other than the vision test no such test is required. Mississippi State strongly advocates driver education which benefits them with valuable skills and gives them a head start.


Mississippi Learner's Permit

A learner's permit has to be applied as the first stage of the multistage licensing process of Mississippi. This learner's permit allows the applicant to practice driving only in the supervision of a licensed driver sitting in the front seat.  To apply for a learner's permit:

  • For those who are 14 can apply for learner's permit which can be used in learning driver education only with driver education instructor.
  • For those who are 15 can apply for a regular learner's permit which entitles them to practice driving along with a licensed driver sitting in the front seat. Learner's permit can be obtained only if the applicant passes a written driver's knowledge test and a vision test.

To apply for the learner's permit following documents along with the completed applications need to be submitted:

  • A state-certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate
  • A copy of social security
  • Proof of school enrollment
Drivers Training Mississippi

Mississippi Intermediate Driver's License

At the age of sixteen, the applicant who has been holding a learner's permit for around 12 months can take one step further by opting for a driving test.

Along with the driving test, the applicant has to make an additional vision test and submit the same documents mentioned above to the local DMV. Once the tests are passed, and everything compiled, the applicant teen has issued an intermediate license. With this Mississippi intermediate learner's permit the applicant can:

  • drive unsupervised but must follow specific rules for their safety.
  • They are not allowed to drive between 10 pm to 6 am on Sunday to Thursday nights and 11:30 pm to 6 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Mississippi Driver's Full License

Teen applicants who have held their standard license without any violations for six months are eligible for Mississippi Driver's full license. The permits are provided by the Mississippi Department of Public  Safety who periodically keep track of the license status and can give license suspensions for those:

  • Who get too many tickets
  • who do not follow and update car insurance
  • who cause traffic violations


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