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Missouri Death Records: How to Find Death Records in Missouri?

by Nicole M.

How to Find Death Records in Missouri, Missouri Death Records

How to Find Death Records in Missouri?

It is the state Department of Health & the Senior Services Bureau of Vital Records that preserve all birth and death records beginning from 1910 till the present. These death records can be procured by an eligible requester from that particular country where the death took place. It is important to understand at this juncture that the state does not consider Missouri death records as public records. As such, a copy of a death certificate can be only requested and received by the deceased’s legal representatives, relatives, and their legal guardians.

If you are interested in a free search of public death records Missouri, simply click here. You need to key in details like the deceased’s first name and last name and choose the state and city to proceed.

Missouri death records contain the causes, place, and date of death. It is possible for an eligible person to procure a copy of the death record in the state of Missouri in any of the 3 ways. These are in-person, by phone, and by mail. Check them out one by one so that you can choose your preferred way of requesting for a copy.

How to Find Death Records in Missouri
1. In-Person

It is the first method to get a death record in the state of Missouri. You may personally visit the nearest vital records office and make a request for a copy of a death record. You need to visit and fill up an application form to obtain a death certificate copy and also paying the required fee. In Missouri, the fee to be paid is 13 USD.

2. By Mail

You can also make a request for Missouri death records by mailing the filled up application form along with your valid photo identification copy along with an envelope with your address to the Office of Vital Records at Jefferson City.

Along with the above-mentioned documents, you have to also enclose a check or a pay order for the required fee to the same address. Additionally, make sure that the application form you are mailing is notarized. An application will be rejected by the Department of Health & Senior Services of Missouri when it is sent to them without getting it notarized. Usually, it takes about two to four weeks to process mail requests.

Death Records, Missouri Death Records Online
3. Order by Telephone

It is another common way to apply and get a copy of a death record. You can make a request over the phone by calling up Vitalchek. It is an independent service provider that has a partnership with the Department of Health of Missouri. You can share the required details and pay the required fee via your credit card. VitalChek also charges a processing fee of 8 USD apart from the application fee. It is the fastest method to get a copy of your desired death record.

Missouri Death Records Online

Apart from the above-mentioned methods to obtain a copy of the death record, it is also possible to request for online death records of Missouri through certain public databases. When you use one of these public databases, it is a convenient and quick way to access the death record in the state you require. It has been mentioned before that Missouri death records are not essentially public records. Also, only certain people are allowed to access these death records.

In the state of Missouri, death records whose age is more than 50 years i.e. deaths that took place before 1968 are only regarded as accessible to the public. However, the state of Missouri publishes the newly-opened death records regularly. Thus finding or obtaining a death record in Missouri is a fairly easy procedure.


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