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How to Get a Missouri Driver's License

by Toni S.

Missouri Drivers Training, Drivers Training Missouri

Missouri Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

To be able to drive a motor vehicle, an individual needs to acquire a driving permit or a driving license which certifies his vehicle maneuvering, commandeering and controlling efficiency. In most of the parts of the world, only those individuals in their late teens can apply for a driver's license. But here in the state of Missouri, an individual with the minimum age limit of sixteen can apply for the same.

According to the Statewide Traffic Accident Records System maintained by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, out of six factors, one of the crash causative factors includes young driver involvement. Annually the state of Missouri has high injuries and casualties due to teenage driving, and this has resulted in the state taking a series of measures to ensure safe driving by the teenagers.

Missouri State Traffic School

Approved by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR), the Missouri State Traffic School aims at the betterment of road safety by providing standard road safety lessons on driving. This educational program provided by the Missouri Traffic School can be completed in a classroom setting or online. The way driver safety measures are promoted in this school, it is also popularly known as the Missouri Driver Improvement Program.

Missouri Drivers Training

Enrolment for this program is not restricted to new license applicant. Those who wish to improve their driving skills or those who violate moving traffic rules or are temporarily suspended due to too many parking tickets can also go through this program. The duration of this program is eight hours, and through this instructional course one learns:

  • Driving essentials.
  • How to become a defensive driver.
  • How alcohol and drugs can impact your driving skills.
  • What to do in an emergency.

Missouri Graduated Driver Licensing Program (GDL)

To minimize driving accidents involving teenagers all across the state, the state of Missouri implemented the Graduated Driver Licensing Program. In this GDL program, every driver who applies for the driver's license has to comply with specific milestones. Each of these milestones is categorized in three phases - Instruction Permit, Provisional License, and Full License.

The Graduating License Program implemented by the Missouri State requires all the new applicants to complete these three phases. If the applicant is below sixteen years of age, then he or she can apply for an instruction permit which requires their driving skills to be supervised by a qualified licensed holder. Permit holder at the age sixteen gets to apply for the intermediate license which allows the driver to drive alone. However, such an intermediate driver has to follow certain rules such as:

  • He cannot drive within the late night curfew hours which are from 1 a.m to 5 a.m.
  • The driver cannot be under any influence of alcohol and drugs while driving.
  • The driver has to wear seat belts.
  • The driver has to obey the traffic rules.
  • The driver has certain restrictions on how many passengers he could carry.
Drivers Training Missouri

The intermediate license holder also needs to pass a few tests which include:

  • Vision test.
  • Road sign recognition
  • Written tests at a Missouri State Highway Patrol driver examination center.
  • Driving test at Missouri State Highway Patrol driver examination center.

When the driver who possesses the intermediate driving license reaches eighteen years of age he or she gets to apply for the full driver's license provided, he has not violated any traffic rules within the subjected duration.

The applicant needs to submit the following documents to apply for the driver's license permit:

  • Birth Certificate copy.
  • Social Security Number.
  • The recent document of Missouri Residential Address.


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