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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

by Kelly B.

Free Twitter Followers, How to More Get Followers on Twitter

Increase Number of Twitter Followers with this Guide

For businesses, Twitter is vital to generate leads and solidify branding. It is excellent in building connections with prospects. There is one problem though: you need followers to reap these benefits. Having a large number of active followers is not only about prestige. Followers cannot simply be described as numbers. Businesses acquire real values when they get followers on Twitter. Approximately 36 percent of marketers have disclosed that they have acquired multiple clients using this specific Social Media tool.

Tweet good

Whatever the Tweet may be, the content must be informative or enticing. Your intention is to make people retweet your content. You should also follow others so that they follow you in return. The content must also be tweeted in a manner so that it actually gets read. You must promote your company's Twitter account in an effective manner.

Twitter has an excellent paid advertisements option. It is considered to be extremely effective when it comes to follower acquisition. However, the same result can be obtained free of cost but may take some extra effort on your part.

Free Twitter Followers

Follow and be followed

The first unwritten rule to enjoy a greater number of Twitter followers is for you to follow a large number of Twitter users yourself. There is a convincing correlation between follower numbers and the number of people you follow yourself. Expert Twitters use tools like SproutSocial to schedule their tweets. When you post regularly, it will increase your visibility and engagement, which then increases the follower count.

It is an excellent idea to use Twiends to locate new Twitter users you think are beneficial to connect with. Once you find yourself on the platform, other users having similar interests will locate you and then follow your tweets. Do not forget to optimize the twitter bio. The users who are interested in you will navigate to your Twitter bio. Ensure it is a complete one and has a professional polish. If done correctly, it will do an excellent job of representing not only you but also your business.


Inserting links

Insert links before you send tweets. It is found that tweets containing links get more retweets compared to those which have none. Use the relevant keywords in the bio to make sure you get ranked in the relevant Twitter search. Do include the city name and also the region to attract the local users. Do use relevant hashtags inside the posts. Hashtag containing tweets enjoy twice as much engagement. You will attract new followers who have come online and searched by typing in those keywords. It is perfectly fine to request retweets. The tweets which include the words "Please retweet" in text enjoys four times as much retweets compared to those which does not contain these two words.

How to More Get Followers on Twitter

You can find people known to you by uploading your complete email contacts to the Twitter universe. They will in all probability follow you back since they know you as a person in the real world. Do include images within the tweets. An image containing tweets enjoy 18 percent more engagement compared to text-only tweets.

Promote your company's Twitter account on all marketing materials. This is inclusive of brochures and business cards. Do not use a logo as your profile picture. Use a headshot instead. No potential customers want to spend money or follow any faceless brand. Take an actual photo and show to all that there is an actual person behind the brand. Use the WordPress plugin "Tweet This" to embed the content boxes on the blog or website. These are extremely effective to make visitors to your site to tweet your content. This will expand the marketing reach and will also attract new followers.


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