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How to Get a New Mexico Driver's License

by Roni G.

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New Mexico Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Every new driver in the state of New Mexico or NM has first to prove that he or she is capable of driving the vehicle that he or she intends to. To do so, the person must take and clear a test conducted by the state motor driving authorities. In most of the countries of the world the minimum age to apply and get a driver’s license is in the late teens. However, in the state of New Mexico, the minimum age to apply for an instructional driver’s permit is sixteen. 

The state of New Mexico is witness to a high number of human casualties caused by road accidents including that of teenagers due to irresponsible driving. To minimize such accidents and mishaps, the state authorities have launched various motor safety regulations and thereby does not permit anyone to drive without holding a valid driver's license. 

First Time New Mexico Driver’s License Requirements

Any person applying for a New Mexico driver’s license must have proved his or her residency and should also have surrendered his or her previous license form any other state. In the state of New Mexico, a person would be required to carry the documents about proof of identity, evidence of identification number and two proofs of New Mexico residency to any MVD office as part of the license requirements. After submitting the relevant documents, the person would need to take the following tests:

Eye Test – The applicants from out of state or those who are applying for the first time for a New Mexico license must receive and pass the eye test.

New Mexico Drivers Training

Written Test - Persons applying for the first time for a New Mexico driver’s license or persons whose driver's license has expired for more than a year are required to pass the written test. Also, those who hold an out-of-country driver’s license must necessarily pass the test.

Road Test – Persons who are applying for the first time for a New Mexico driver's license and persons whose license has expired for more than five years, must necessarily pass the road tests. However, people holding a valid out-of-state driver's license need not take the road test.
The motor and driving authorities of the state of New Mexico will not issue a driver’s license to those whose driving privileges have been suspended or denied by the state or any other state, and they must first resolve the suspension and get their driving privileges revoked.

Fees and DWI-related requirements for a Driver’s License in New Mexico
The typical price for a four-year driver's license is $18, and for an eight-year driver license, it is $34. The state laws now mandate that all drivers moving from out-out-state should get a DWI-check done. As per state laws, the applicants need to pay an additional $15 fee to get their DWI-check done. Thus, such out-of-state applicants need to pay $33 for a four-year license and $49 for an eight-year one.
Drivers Training New Mexico

New Mexico Graduated Licensing System (GDL)

This involves typically three stages:

1. Instructional Permit – To acquire an instructional permit, a boy or a girl must be at least 15 years of age. He or she must submit the necessary documents such as:
Proof of enrolment to a state-run driver education program
Proof of residence, identity, and identification

2. Provisional License – To avail a Provisional License, a teen must have attained at least 15 and-a-half years of age and also have completed stage 1. If the criteria mentioned above are met, a provisional licensing application needs to be signed by the applicant and his parent/guardian at any nearby VMS Field Office.

3. Full License – To avail the full license issued by the state motor authorities of the state of New Mexico, a driver license application must be signed by the applicant and the parent/guardian who need to verify that their ward fulfills the necessary specific criterion set by the New Mexico motor driving regulatory authorities.


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