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How to Get a North Dakota Driver's License

by Garry S.

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North Dakota Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

If you want to drive legally in North Dakota, then you need to have a Driver's License. This license will give you the legal permit to drive anywhere you want within the state. Passing the test for getting this Driver's License will also mean that you have the basic knowledge of driving and that you are eligible to drive on your own without any supervisor. This training will prepare you for all and every situation that can arise while driving and you will get full knowledge of all the traffic rules and signals that you need to follow.

Types of driver’s license in North Dakota

There are different types of Driver's License issued in the state of North Dakota, and all of them are described below –

  • Standard Driver’s License – This type of Driver’s License falls under the Class D. If you have reached 18 years of age, then you can apply for this type of license. It is applicable for the vehicles that are listed and registered under the MVC.
  • Minor’s Driver’s License – This type of license is especially meant for all the teen drivers who haven’t yet reached the age of 18 years.
  • Commercial Driver’s License – If you are thinking about making a living while driving across the state of North Dakota, then you will need this type of license.
  • Motorcycle License – Planning for a bike trip on those scenic roads of North Dakota? Then you need to have the special motorbike license to do that.
North Dakota Drivers Training

Applying for a driver’s license in North Dakota

Before you decide on using for your Driver's License in North Dakota, you should consider getting the instruction permit for yourself so that you can practice driving. If you want to apply for the license, then you will have to visit the nearest DOT office in North Dakota in person and place your application. You will need to carry these documents along with you to place the application –

  • Identification proof which can be in the form of a passport or birth certificate of U.S. Your passport must be valid. Alternatively, you can also provide a foreign passport.
  • SSN or Social Security Number is a must.

Once you apply, you need to pass specific tests to qualify for your eligibility. These tests are a written test which will mainly test your knowledge about the various traffic rules and your understanding of fundamental driving aspects. There will also be a vision test which will ensure that you have the visibility required to drive appropriately. After you pass all these tests, you will also be required to pay the fee to complete all procedures.

The instruction permit you receive will let you practice driving but only under a supervisor. There are criteria for this supervisor too. He or she must –

  • Be already of 18 years of age or above
  • Have a Driver’s License that has been valid for the last three years.
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Driver’s license for teenagers in North Dakota

But if you are a teenager, you can apply for your Learner’s Permit once you are 14 years of age. You will have to possess these to get a Driver’s License –

  • Learner’s Permit
  • Provisional License
  • Unrestricted Driver’s License

So, once you receive your Driver's License in North Dakota, keep it safe, and in case you lose it, you can apply for a new one through a separate procedure. In case you have moved to the state recently, then you can use your motorcycle license from another state and transfer its credentials. In any case, the procedure for obtaining a license is very swift in North Dakota.


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