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How to Get Over a Breakup!

by Ashley S.

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Here are Some Ways to Get over a Breakup

Break-ups are hard. Almost every human being has gone through at least one break-up in their lives. The emotional pain and feelings sometimes feel impossible to overcome. There are no two ways about it, breaking up straight up blows. Whether it was a long-term relationship, a short-term one or even an unrequited relationship, splitting up with someone that was special to you at one point will be painful and twisted. It takes a lot of healing and acceptance to move past a break-up. People often realize that they need to get on with life after a point.


Here are a few ways that could help you reach that point a little faster:

1. Meditate.

Taking the time to sit quietly with all your thoughts and being able to calm them down slowly while breathing will elevate your mood significantly. Break-ups cause people to gain or lose weight, depending on intoxicants and overall a downward spiral. It is vital that you focus on healing yourself from within. If you can rationalize your thoughts and feelings through meditation, it'll definitely boost your mood.

2. Build a support system.

Even if you are a strong and independent individual who knows how to take care of oneself, it is beneficial to have at least one or two people who can help and support you through this time. You can only do so much in your own head. Gaining different perspectives can help you get on with your life faster and it gives you a better idea when you have to say things out loud.

3. Don’t talk negatively about your ex.

By constantly reminding yourself about the negative aspects of your ex, you bring about a lot of unsettled issues and feelings of regret and disappointment. These feelings break you down more. It really does not help you move on faster if you indulge in trash talking your ex. Your happiness and health do not have to come from your ex’s negative aspects.

4. Start writing

One of the best ways to gain perspective and understand your feelings and how they have progressed is by writing down your feelings. Writing it down and reading the words helps in releasing the emotion you were feeling and you can analyze it better because it's not just in your head anymore. You can use writing to say things to your ex that you never got a chance to say.

5. Feel all your emotions.

Do not force yourself to be numb to the feelings that you are feeling. It can get pretty overwhelming, but it is important to feel them instead of bottling it up. When you control such strong emotional feelings, it can seep into your normal life and influence the way you think. SO just allow yourself to feel.

6. Be honest with yourself.

It is truly important, to be honest with yourself. You are the only person who knows why it happened, so be brutally honest and accept what went wrong. There’s no point in holding a grudge or pretending that it was a certain way because the break-up did happen and it really did not work out. Don’t hold on to an illusion of a perfectly fine relationship that could’ve been.

7. Ground yourself.

Practicing yoga can really be beneficial while you are going through a breakup. The various asanas have healing effects on your body. For example, the forward bend while sitting down with your legs spread in front of you is known to greatly elevate moods. Working on yourself physically and mentally through yoga can help ground you and reminds you to be more grateful for everything else in your life.

Break-ups get you to feel really low, so it is important to keep these steps in mind and remember to avoid isolation.

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