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What Is Spousal Abandonment Syndrome and How to Get Over It?

by Sam S.

Spousal Abandonment Syndrome, Spousal Abandonment

Healing from Spousal Abandonment

What is Spousal Abandonment Syndrome?

So, let us understand what a “Spousal Abandonment Syndrome” is. Basically, it is a process where the spouse leaves the relationship all of a sudden without any notice.

More than 5 percent of divorces in the United Kingdom is because of Spousal Abandonment Syndrome. This trend is particularly common in long marriages with adult children. In many cases, there are no obvious signs of any unhappiness.

One partner suddenly decides to end the marriage and disappears from the person’s life with no contact at all. It looks like the partner had no feelings for his spouse and just drops a bomb all of a sudden.

Spousal Abandonment Syndrome

Reasons For Spousal Abandonment Syndrome

One of the reasons for such a syndrome is that the partner is gathering such feelings over a long period of time. Many a time, one spouse may be meeting someone and maybe starting an affair. Eventually, they become very confused and it creates chaos in their lives. They feel that the person, with whom they have spent so much time, has not destroyed all which was familiar to them.

Getting Over Spousal Abandonment Syndrome

Such people need expert help and psychic support. They keep hoping that the person who has walked out will walk back so that everything becomes normal. The person going through this process becomes physically and emotionally drained out.

Healing From Spousal Abandonment

The injury is grave because of the mandatory involvement of children, family members, in-laws and friends circle. The spouse feels left out.

The abandoned spouse takes a lot of time getting over the Spousal abandonment syndrome. They feel very sad about their spouse leaving and the emotional outburst includes loss of trust, depression, anxiety, depression, anger and more.

Many such spouses feel that the partner’s death is actually better than separation. The time to heal from such a quick break up [healing from spousal abandonment], is much longer than normal divorce or break up due to another reason. The spouse who has suddenly walked out displays fewer signs of emotional turmoil, as the breakup plan has been going on in their head for several years before they have planned their exit.

Spousal Abandonment
Below Are Some Common Symptoms of Spousal Abandonment:

  • The abandoned spouse thinks that their marriage was happy and that they felt loved and appreciated by their partner, till the moment they end their relationship.
  • The spouse, who walks out of the relationship, does not share any feelings of discontent before leaving. When they announce their departure, they have already decided to leave and it is too late to save the marriage. So now, no counseling or couple therapy can help them save their marriage.
  • The shocking announcement of spousal abandonment to leave the marriage is made out of the blue. The spouse who walks out just leaves a note and does not even face their partner before spousal abandonment.
  • When the spouse who abandons, walks out of the marriage, the situation moves ahead very quickly. They have rented an alternative accommodation, packed their bags and consulted lawyers.
  • Once the spouse has abandoned their partner, they avoid all communication with the abandoned spouse. They try to cut themselves off from every situation which they have left behind.
  • The spouse who walks out tries to live an entirely different life than before separation. They start socializing with a completely new social circle.

This sums up Spousal Abandonment Syndrome details and pre and post symptoms and behavior.


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