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Where is My Tax Refund? Learn how to Get a Tax Refund

by Eddie V.

IRS Tax Refund, How to Get a Tax Refund

How to Get a Tax Refund

Every earning individual has to ensure that s/he files her/his tax returns at the end of the financial year. Aside from it being the rule of law, it helps to keep the economy up and running, aside from other imperative issues. The first rule of thumb while filing your taxes is to have all your bills and receipts in order. The next step is to file the income and expenditure statement and send this across to the IRS.

There are various methods of filing taxes where one can go the physical format route with paper mail by using the IRS e-file or with an approved tax auditor/preparer. However, instead of going down this long road, the online option is an easier bet as it can be completed sooner. Given that it is way more secure with the knowledge that you have sent truthful information, the tax refund will be directly deposited into your account. 

IRS Tax Refund
Document Every Amount Earned and Spent

Most people throw away their receipts after purchases because they cannot be bothered keeping bills in their purse/wallet. That is foolish to do, but if one has paid online or with a credit/debit card, the information will be available on the bank statement to provide to the authorities. The best piece of advice is to have a filing system where everyday bills are filed. At the end of every week, jot this down on the computer or in the ledger at home, have the details recorded based on the reason for the money spent or received and keep the accounts in order. It works in the end and reduces the amount of time that one may have to spend later when it is tax filing time.

Be Truthful on Your Report

Provide factual information to the income tax department. Enter the social security number or IRS individual taxpayer identification number on the tax return. You can check the status of the income tax refund online or call in the number of the said department. By using all the relevant information, the person at the other end of the call will be able to determine the extent of the amount to be credited to your account.

How to Get a Tax Refund
Being out of a job does not mean that one stops filing her/his returns. Needless to say, if there is no income, how does one qualify to file. It is at this point in time, where one would need to highlight methods as to how s/he has managed to get by without any income. Even if there are cash earnings, it is imperative to record them and add this to the information while filing the returns. It helps one even to get a tax refund because one has not been receiving any regular income.

Call in the Experts

If you are not very math savvy, like most people, a good auditor should be able to handle the taxes for you, file your returns and provide you with relevant information to help you get your refund.  Once all the details have been documented and the information cross-checked by the authorities, you will be receiving your tax refund in your checking account. The main criterion is not to be cavalier about your monies. They need to be declared, without dodging the authorities.

To Conclude

One must always declare her/his income to the authorities. As stipulated above, if you are not aware of the methods of filing your income, seek an expert approved by the IRS and get your filing in check. In all likelihood, if you were doing something incorrectly, the individual will be able to find a solution and work out a method to help you get your balance income and expenditure statement on the right track. In a nutshell, the objective is to file your returns in time, to reap the benefits (refund).

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