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How to Get a Tennessee Driver's License

by Robert K.

Tennessee Drivers Training, Drivers Training Tennessee

Tennessee Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Are you enthusiastic to drive safely? You need to follow few simple state rules and regulations for obtaining the permit. Operating without a permit is an offense. Also, you knew that while driving you are also responsible for others life along with your life. To make people safe on roads the state is following a few strict rules that are to be accepted by every individual.

Every person must follow the instructions to get the license and visit a Driver Service Center. Teens must be under authorization of parents or legal guardian to drive a vehicle. Also, one must submit the resident proof as you are the resident of the US.

Behind-The-Wheel Training

Tennessee's GDL is designed to provide full-fledged drivers by developing skills. The state hopes to save lives and avoid injuries. The GDL is provided for teens under 18 years of age. Also, the program requires parent or guardian involvement. Graduated Driver License program teaches the safety standards to maintain while driving.

Tennessee Drivers Training

Also, it teaches the signs to be followed while driving and what safety standards to be taken. Any candidate who has completed GDL will feel comfortable to operate the vehicle on the road and maintains the rules and regulations. GDL also helps to obtain the permits for a new driver. Also, any individual will be aware of GDL how to drive in warning road conditions and bad weather.

GDL provides three stages of license – learner permit, intermediate restricted permit, and an intermediate unrestricted permit. For learner permit, any individual must be a minimum of 15 years old and must pass a vision exam and class D knowledge exam. For Intermediate license, any individual must be a minimum of 16 years old, must have a learner permit and must necessarily have 50hours of driving experience, pass the road skill test.


Types of Tennessee Driver's License

There are different types of license available mentioned below, apply only for which you are looking

Class D/Regular License
It is the regular license required to drive a passenger vehicle not exceeding 15. Also, you cannot force a school bus.

Class H or XH/Hardship License
It is for those who wish to operate a regular passenger vehicle or motorcycle at the age of 14 years. It is issued in the case of family hardship and limited needs.

Class M/ Motorcycle License
It is issued for the person who is willing to drive a motorcycle, two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle. The minimum age limit to attain this license is 16 years.

Class XD, XM or Permit/Temporary Driver License
It is not available for commercial vehicles. This license is issued for operating regular passenger vehicle. Also, it is valid for both driving and identification purpose.

This license is for teens, and under GDL we have a learner permit, intermediate restricted license, and unrestricted, intermediate license.

Drivers Training Tennessee

Commercial Driver License
It is issued for any individual who is capable enough operating large or complex vehicles. Also, it follows all the requirements and rules.

Driver license tests include a vision test, knowledge test, and a road test. The knowledge test is given on a first come first serve basis. While a road test needs a prior appointment. Also, a road test is not taken at lousy weather conditions.

Vision test
Any individual must have 20/40 vision in both the eyes together as well as in their own eyes. This test is taken to determine that the driver is capable enough to drive safely.

Knowledge test
Any individual must pass the knowledge test for attempting a road test. The test consists of multiple choice questions from traffic signals & signs, Safe driving principles, Road rules, Alcohol, and Drugs.

Driving test
It is taken to ensure that you are capable enough to drive safely. The examiner will give a few directions and need to push them as per the instructions. 

To avoid crashes or accidents and safeguard the people the government has taken strict actions. Those who violate the rules are punished as per the need. Driving without a license is unacceptable and may be punished if found guilty. Safe driving, licensed driving is mandatory.


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